Decoding Healthcare

Podcast: The brick-and-mortarless hospital

  | September 13, 2018

If the word "telehealth" conjures up images of scrappy startups challenging big hospital behemoths, get ready to check your assumptions.

In this episode of "Decoding Healthcare," we learn how one of the largest health systems in the U.S. is disrupting itself, and virtualizing care, to better serve its patients and mission.

Hosts Jessica Sweeney-Platt and Kevin Ban, M.D., hear from Marc Harrison, M.D., president and CEO of Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare, about how the 40-year-old nonprofit is striving to make high-quality care more affordable and accessible across a vast, largely rural region the size of the U.K.

Harrison describes what it took to streamline 35 different telehealth programs into a “virtual hospital" with both B2C and B2B offerings. And we learn about the leadership challenges Marc faced – and the positive ripple effects he's seen – moving an old ship through new waters.

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Podcast: The brick-and-mortarless hospital