I've been in practice 21 years doing Urologic Surgery. I believe the workload is more difficult because despite the gov best efforts to put the burden and blame on physicians....as a whole Americans aren't that healthy and don't take responsibility in many ways for their own health. So it seems there is more obesity, more DM more HTN more CAD etc etc etc....second the more rules, regulations and just plain old red tape BS and EMR documentation for less and less and less reimbursement makes one patient encounter seem like a bad nightmare....so for example I used to get a prescription pad with a diagnosis from a family doc with what I was seeing the patient for. Easy....now I get twelve pages of absolute nonsensical BS of EMR ....that says everything about nothing but I can't make heads or tails about the patients medical problem they are in my office for or what's being done or not about it. At the end of the day I see maybe 66% of what I used to be able to see and feel like I've been through hell and back by the end of the day. ...oh wait I have to document I discussed smoking cessation with them....then they come back screaming when they see it on their EOB. More mid level providers....in the ER and with hospital docs ...nightmare It's like ER PA admits to night hospitalist PA ....transfers to day PA of which there may be ten with one Hospitalist overseeing them ....sometime around 1400 the next day you find out like your patient that just had a TURP had a bladder spasm but had red and white blood cells in their urine (which they all do) got admitted as a bounceback for "Urosepsis" with no associated symptoms of urosepsis ...or worse your patient with a solitary kidney obstructed with a stone and 104 fever in renal failure is sitting on the floor eating ...(surgical emergency)....got admitted at 7 pm the night before ...nobody recognized the bottom like...."surgical emergency"....but the EMR is done correctly for max hospital billing....yeah great!!! Yet nobody knows why the patient is really there....and then you see articles like...wow physician burnout is high...wow doctors are working harder...(and making way less)....it's like...really? Ya think? Then some horses butt answer ...work smarter not harder....breath deeply every morning three times...drink tea...go to the gym physicians need to take care of themselves...it's almost comical.
Frank L Simoncini DO