SJ- Good for you. And your husband! I had never seen the inside of a hospital as a patient until my mid-forties, when I experienced the same indignities you encountered. My wife, however had had several surgeries before then , so I knew how callous medical staff can be. After one procedure her E.N.T. came to her room to listen to her heart, and instead of using his stethoscope through her gown, or even sliding it under the gown's edge, he just raised the top of it up to get a good look. I was furious, but young and unsure of myself so I said nothing. On another occasion she was returned to her room by two male scrub techs who clumsily moved her to her bed exposing her not to just me and them, but to our young pastor (who should have had the sense to step out of the room) I have long held much of the physicians and medical hierarchy in low regard for not only these affronts, but for the their self-perceived infallibility, and the attitude that "I am the doctor and you'll do things my way". Quite honestly I really just never knew we had a choice. Never again. I've read too many personal accounts of modesty violations to not be concerned, and I've shared my concerns with my wife who is to have a total knee replacement later this month, and a colonoscopy early next year- by a male GI. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the same concerns I do, having bought into the notion that "We are professionals, and have seen thousands of naked bodies...we don't care or even notice ". I've asked her to read just some of the materials I have found in order to make an informed decision, but she hasn't. My heart is broken. I would have been honored had she spoken up when two very young nurses exposed me when removing and then 12 hours later reinserting my Foley catheter-even though I had told them it was too early. (I speak from experience) That is why I was happy to read your account and to know that you and your husband are of the same mind. Best regards, Neal