John, the relationship between patient and doctor is important. No matter what the gender is. What you have described is what many men fear in such an exam. It would be assumed that since "it" happened he must be a pervert etc, when that may not be the case at all. Just the mere touch and being nervous is often enough to set it off. As long as you and her are comfortable with the quality of the exam for you health this is great. Many men would be comfortable with such an exam like this with built trust. However many of us have experienced the "ambush" - where that trust is broken, when the female doctor brings in another female chaperone to be in the exam and sees "everything" without asking the man whether the presence of another female would be acceptable. What started off as a great exam, now turns into an embarrassing disaster.That is what happened to me. I was ok, until the second female came in, someone to whom I had never met, and was witness to my testicle exam, and prostate exam. She didn't look away during those parts, she stared straight on. This is where many female doctors need to re-exam their exam procedures, to "ASK" and not assume her male patient will be comfortable with it. This scenario happens ALL the time. In the VERY least, barrier draping could eliminate half the embarrassment, do the other female can't look at his genitals. Contrary to the belief assumed, men do value their modesty, and are just as vulnerable in medical exams as woman. This notion should be taught in every medical school where female nurses, and female doctors are taught. In addition, there is nothing more embarrassing/demeaning to be in a hospital, and have 2 female nurses come in to tell you your doctor has ordered a catheter. And "we" will be giving you that now. Or in the very same way have 2 females in an exam where he will be exposed. This situation , reversed, with a female patient, and 2 males would never happen, ever, and it perplexes me greatly why female doctors continually do this to men. The message need to get out to the medical community, to start giving men EQUAL modesty.