I recently had a urolift procedure in which I was placed in stirrups, genitals cleaned and anesthetized by a female nurse, prior to the procedure by my male urologist. The room had at least one other male and female present. I find it hard to call my penis my "privates" in that setting. I have completely bought into the fact that these professionals know the difference between nudity and sexuality. I am willing to be seen nude by those who are trained in medicine, knowing they are not seeing me in a sexual situation, but as a patient who came to them for help. I've never had a chaperone, but I have agreed to medical students giving me exams and have had females give me scrotal ultrasounds I understand modesty and fought hard to deal with it so this aspect of my life wouldn't be so stressful. I wish our society could return to a time where nudity did not automatically equate with sex. That would make all of this easier to deal with.