RG, I think you have made good points here. This is exactly why the Medical Field needs change. I think the change needs to start in Nursing Schools, and in doctor training. Men in particular need to start speaking out when they are ambushed. When a male patent says, no... I don't want 2 females in my exam, sits up, and says, the exams is done, then the office will lose money because of it. When you really examine why males are being given "less modesty" it all boils down to the money. They wont hire a male nurse or Male Chaperone, because females will say no, and they will lose business. However, that situation can be balanced out over time, if more men walk out of their exams. When it comes to men's health, men already resist going to the doctors office more than woman. Now add that men will have to be seen by more woman in exams, and I think you are going to see an increase in men's death rates, because it will be just one more excuse for men not to go to the doctor. And I think that defeats what the health care industry is there for. Men deep down would open up to health care professionals about issues they have, but not to 2 woman, in an exam room, dealing with the embarrassment of having to expose their genitals, and lack of modesty given, or talking about male issues.