I would tend to disagree with you. Its not about body shame, or insecurity. Its 100% about patient comfort, and patient choice. If a man doesn't want a female, or 2 females in his exam, he has that right. Its HIS comfort. He pays the bill too. The medical industry has long gotten away with giving females ALL the modesty they desire in their intimate exams, while underserving males who rightfully should have the same right to modesty. NO ONE should feel embarrassed in their exam, by forcefully being seeing by doctors and nurses of the opposite gender. Then I will ask you..... how many "males" work in breast exam clinics......compared to the number of woman who work in ultra-sound clinics..... where men have to go to get scrotal exams. I've gone 4 times....examined each time by a female who saw all of my genitals.......... I asked for a male...... NO males employed there.... why? ....exactly....... Case in point.