I have had several female medical professionals get snippy with me. The first was an specialist who gave me a prescription for new medication, a statin. and I asked her what kind of side effects I could expect with this medicine. Her response was " Well, I am sure you will read the package insert and decide you have every single one of them." It was the most unprofessional outburst I have ever had from a Medical Doctor. During a previous visit I had previously complained about side effects I had with another medicine she put me on for blood pressure and asked to be taken off of it. Apparently that royally pissed her off so when I asked about side effects it literally set this woman off. I had a similar situation with a female nurse practitioner at my GP's office. I had been taking a brand name blood pressure medicine for years and when a generic version came out the insurance company refused to pay for it and I got the generic instead and started having side effects. I told her I wanted to go back on the old medicine and needed her to write a medical need statement so the insurance would pay for it because the brand name cost twice as much as the generic drug. She said "Well, I will write it dispense as written and you can just pay for it, but I am not doing a medical need statement because the Generic is just as good and none of my other patients have problems with it." So, I never filled the prescription from the specialist wouldn't discuss side effects. I quit taking the other medicine and haven't been back to see either doctor. My blood pressure is about the same as it was on the pills. No idea what my cholesterol is and don't care. I haven't had it tested. I figure humans lived just fine for millions of years before statin drugs or blood pressure medications or for that matter much doctoring. We would all probably be better off without most doctor a anyway. All the hell most of them are is overpaid pill pushers for the Big Pharma industry.