Sophia, If I understand you correctly, you were offered a FEMALE chaperone. I think this was a valiant attempt for the (male) doctor to make you feel more comfortable, and he as well, as a male in a female exam. Men don't have a choice of gender for a chaperone in 99% of their exams. Whether the doctor is a male or a female. In my experiences, with a female doctor, each and every time, I have had a female chaperone, because the doctor's office doesn't hire males, because most female patients don't like male chaperons, or the experience of having 2 males in the exam room. Male patients either have to get mad, get dresses and say no, succumbing to lack of health care to save modesty, or "suck it up" and feel the embarrassment, and shame while 2 females probe and view our private parts. Often we feel uncomfortable talking about our male parts, erection difficulties, or other male issues in the presence of females. in any case, its just not right. Health care professionals need to give male patients, the same level of modesty as female patients receive. As more and more females come into the health care field than ever before, there needs to be a new way of teaching female health care workers to be trained in the important issue of modesty. When a male patient is going to have an intimate exam, the female Dr/NP etc needs to fully explain to the man that she will need to bring in a chaperone, and she will be female and ASK, if he would be comfortable with that, and the HIS modesty will be fully addressed in the exam to limit his exposure.