I am OK with a female provider, but recently went through an "ambush" as others have experienced. You will NEVER EVER see a female patient with a Male Doctor and a Male Chaperone. Most woman would complain to highest realm not to undergo that experience. Why in the hell would ANY female doctor think a Male would feel comfortable submitting to a prostate exam or a testicle exam while there are not one, but 2 females in the room seeing his private parts? I have news for any female doctor or female nurse or technician who may ponder here. YES..... YES IT DOES MATTER, AND WE DONT LIKE IT. In the very least ASK US if we would be comfortable with a FEMALE CHAPERONE. DO NOT AMBUSH us. You wonder why so many men die of prostate cancer, and or wont seek medical attention? Are you brain dead? Or simply trying to downplay it for your job? YES WE DO HAVE MODESTY, and we want and DESERVE that modesty respected just like female patients get. The health care system had better wake up, and more men need to put their clothes back on and say no, we wont be treated like this. The system NEEDS to change.