To allthe men who have responded I as a woman agree with your concerns. I have been fighting for basically my husbands rights to have male nurses. cnas, scrub techs and xray personel as he has had many embarrassing experiences. Many of which could have been remedied had they let me wife not some young female be his chaperone. Does it take a rocket scientist to realize that men feel as we women do as to our private area needs. Why should men have a ultrasound of his scrotal with a female tech and a young female chaperone. I was there and they said no I couldn't go back. (Due to many spouse complaints and male complaints they recently changed that at our clinic) Scrub tech for very personal TURP again female who made very bad comment, then wink at me thinking it was funny,nurse who told him after (again all female team for inguinal hernia) if you don't pee before 4:30 I am going to shove catheter up your penis (wehad made pact tolie as she was not going to o that to hm) because you are last one here and I am leaving at 5. CNA young enough to be our grandaughter insisting she give him a shower (when he was suppose to go home but wanted him to see a doctor the nest morning) and no was the answer to my helping him. Shut door in my face. She came storming out real quick and said if he needed help I was to help. These types of behavior are just uncalled for. Men deserve to be treated with the same respect as women. Not to say we don't have our fair share of problems with male CT tech who tell you to take bra of while " I stand behind the glass." He got fired, Only male nurse ever in our colonoscopy area throwing gown up and opff while door still open and thouroughly upsetting and humiliating me, Stess test gown totally open and male in room. Told to walk with gown open. Won't go back. So we women have some problems but I had the recourse on all of them to fight back. As far as doctors, I respect and admire the doctor for having the initiative and will to endure 12 years plus to give us medical care only to be replaced with nurse practioners, and PAs while they do the paperwork that they should have someone doing for them. Let them save our lives be they male or female but get us same gender supporting staff. Don't let CNAs do the nurses desired work while the nurse fills out more paper work. Get rid of the ever growing scribe. I want to see my doctor not a damn secretary and that is what I told the local clinic when my husband & I encountered the embarrassing intrusion of said scribes. We neither one talked about the problems we were sent for to the respective specialist. Why with HIPPA do we as spouses or significant others have to sign forms for us to make appointments, talk about spouses health problem or call to get information if other asks them to, but government allows clinics, hospitals and surgical centers to have opoosite gender staff for intimalte procedures and allow scribes who are really with the patient. We need to take control and demand better for ourselves and our families. So in conclusion it is not the Doctor I hate is is the opposite gender extended staff that I hate. When we are made to have catheters or have people of the opposite sex scrub our bodies while we are totally nude and knocked outin surgery this in my opinion is medical rape. Oh and we were told by our local hospital recently that the federal government made a law that the hospitals must take the patient back (for men this is of course opposite sex cna or nurse) and ask personal questions. For me when they took me back I refused to answer any questions until they got my husband. In Gods eyes we are one. How can our government pass laws to that effect. If we say we want a spouse or family member especially if person is of opposite sex we should have right to have them as a chaperone. We pay our insurance and medical bills. We should have a rigt to have team of our choice. Hire the male nurses that have worked to get a 4 year degree but don't seem to get hired because it would be discrimination of the female nurse. Many male RNs can not gfet a job because of this discrimination.