I applaud athena for even pondering this question. A few points. The number of practicing female physicians currently is higher than stated, closer to 37-38% and growing. But the flaw in the question about whether males comfortable with female physicians is that there are hardly any clinics in the US that a male receives the equivalent EXPERIENCE as the female patient. That is because nearly 100% of the assisting clinical staff are FEMALE. So if the physician needs a chaperone, or an assistant during an intimate procedure, or a tech to prep the patient for an intimate procedure, it is almost always a female (i.e, an all female team). Health care facilities have failed to higher diverse (i.e., male) staff so that patient preferences can be accommodated. I've had equal numbers of male and female primary care physicians in my life. I have no problem with female physicians but I do not feel comfortable having a room full of females when having an intimate exam or procedure. Women do NOT experience this. So ask this question again AFTER your clinics have hired plenty of male staff that can assist women physicians doing intimate exams on males and you will probably find a different answer. Of course that means clinics will need to hire comparable numbers of male and female staffs. Conversely, have your female patients ALWAYS have male assistants present for their intimate exams by a male physician and see if the percentage of women that return doesn't go down. I would predict it would. Again, thanks for the consideration.