I WAS very impressed at your model, even getting at what is causing pain, bc who doesn't want to be fixed or cured...it is the reason so many chronic pain patients see so many doctors -,looking for answers. Or getting enough answers we can win at a hearing to either get testing or treatment years into our pain, that might have nipped it in the bud in the first place. Maybe Never making it to the "Chronic stage" or hopefully much more manageable! So with you there! Then...Then as a former ER RN & Certified Orthopedic Nurse ( where I did Pain Management on Pts 4-6 weeks on ave) I found your narcotic video TOTALLY condescending to chronically ill & injured patients. How dare you... if you can't tell the difference between tolerance vs. addiction, then how can you start a 3.0? Are you telling your pacer patients "do you still have that maker in your chest, we gotta toss that out???". Treating EVERYONE like an addict is just Wrong, so very very WRONG. I thank the stars I didn't do that as an ER RN, and I resented it by others then who did towards every patient, as I do now to Dr's like you when I need help. Unbelievable and Disappointing. And yes I have done alternative therapies every week practically on my own dime.
Lisa N