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Interoperability: building the most connected platform in healthcare
By focusing on interoperability, we're designing a sustainable, future-proof solution for our clients.

Safe, efficient patient care rests on interoperability

Going to a lab for a test. Filling a prescription. Consulting a specialist. How does a physician coordinate patient care across all settings? Interoperability—the ability to share data and collaborate across healthcare settings—is the key.

More than data exchange
Healthcare interoperability helps providers access the right information, at the right time, so they can follow their patients beyond the four walls of the practice and collaborate with other providers on patient care. Through interoperability, a physician can see that patients filled their prescription, completed the blood test, and saw the specialist. Alternatively, if a patient visits the ED, a full medical history should be accessible on his or her primary care provider’s system in the moment of care.

As an industry, we’re falling short
Despite efforts to improve interoperability, 95% of physicians have difficulty delivering care because they cannot access patient records. In fact, under the government’s new proposed MACRA rule, providers who fail to promote interoperability and information exchange will be penalized. Does your system measure up?  

athenahealth and interoperability
Interoperability is at the core of athenahealth’s mission to build the nation’s health information backbone. Today, athenahealth connects care for more than 99,000 providers, supporting more than 88.6 million patients across an open network of more than 98,870 trading partners.

Patient-centered interoperability
We believe patient health information should be accessible wherever patients seek care. We also believe that in the current shift to risk-based models, providers need insight into where their patients go to receive care. That’s why we connect with a range of partners, including software vendors, pharmacies, labs, imaging centers, and beyond. It's why we design all of our services to be vendor agnostic, able to exchange data with any system our partners use. And we won’t stop until we connect all patient touchpoints.

KLAS Report 

We ranked as the #1 easiest vendor to connect to and the best value connection for improving patient care.


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