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focus on the work that matters most

Unleash yourself from the repetitive tasks, data hiccups, and time-stealing technology that stand between you and your best patient care.

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let’s free you up

Do the work you do best, and let us handle the rest.

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Our EHR helps you focus on the work that matters most

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See how our EHR saves you time, helps you satisfy quality measures, and removes distractions in the moment of care.

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Hello, work/life balance

We made the EHR easy to use, so providers can spend time on patient care, not on the computer.


On our network, you'll do less low-value work, avoid denials, and capture the data you need to maximize financial performance. 


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Know more, collect more

Our medical billing Rules Engine knows 40 million ways to keep claims clean. So you get paid more, faster, with less work. We'll help you improve back-office efficiency.  

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Bring patients through the door

Fewer no-shows. Improved schedule density. Our outreach expertise and automated patient outreach services keep your practice humming. 

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Take on risk without the risk

Risk-based organizations need a consolidated view on a single platform. Succeed at risk-based programs with the only service that guarantees population health results.

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Get the right answers, faster

Our streamlined order transmission service delivers clean orders across the network, with just the information you need.  

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Team up, care better

Collaborate with ease. See and act on referral patterns. Our care coordination services instantly connect you with a network of healthcare facilities and providers. 

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Support your clinical decisions

We embed Epocrates intelligence in our EHR workflow. You have the resources you need to make confident decisions efficiently.

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