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Clinical Device Integration
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Manual EHR entry of results from paper is a laborious and time consuming process taking numerous mouse clicks and keystrokes, adding significant cost and risk of errors. Relaymed optimizes workflow efficiency – no clicks, no typing, no hassle – enormously improving labor productivity and quality of care, with human error eliminated and results instantly available in athenaClinicals®.


  • Auto-Processing. Relaymed automatically sends point-of-care test results direct from devices to the athenaClinicals, saved to orders, in an instant. 
  • QC Capture. Relaymed automatically captures all quality control samples run, helping keep you CLIA compliant. 
  • Data Analytics. Relaymed allows reports to be generated on all test results and quality control samples, for all offices in a network. 

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      Clinical Device Integration

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      Relaymed automates digital capture of point-of-care test results, helping to ensure clinicians have the right data, in the right place, at the right time. 

      Relaymed forms a seamless part of the workflow, optimizing performance and user experience. All a user needs to do is run the test on the device and the result will be automatically and instantly available in athenaClinicals, with no work from staff necessary. It’s that simple, really.

      1. Provider orders test in athenaClinicals. 
      2. User enters Medical Record Number (MRN) on device. 
      3. User runs test on device. 
      4. Result instantly available to provider in athenaClinicals. 

      Our cloud-based software uses the data output from the connected device to look up the corresponding patient demographics and open order in athenaClinicals to save the result against. This process is completed securely and in seconds.

      Email notifications can be setup to alert users if a test has failed to automatically send to athenaClinicals and are available in the Relaymed portal for action to be taken.