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Bundled Payments
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Archway works with providers to design and execute care and risk management programs that ensure success in bundled payment contracts. We are currently working with dozens of providers across the country who are participating in CMS’ BPCI, CJR, and OCM programs, as well as with commercial payers who are pursuing bundled payment initiatives. To support these programs, Archway works with your team to understand your practice’s unique circumstances and opportunities and utilizes a comprehensive platform of analytics, patient tracking tools, and advisory services to ensure your practice operates successfully in bundled payment. Currently we are helping practices increase their revenue per bundled payment patient.

  • Prepare for and operate successfully in bundled payment programs 
  • Track patient health status & financial performance during each episode of care 
  • Increase revenue for patients in a bundled payment program. 
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      Bundled Payments

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      Archway’s tools seamlessly integrate with athenahealth to make it easy for your practice to enter into bundled payment models. Our comprehensive platform includes:

      • Carelink, a simple patient tracking tool, 
      • Archway Analytics, a web-based analytics platform, and 
      • Advisory services, to coach providers through every step of the process

      Using these tools, Archway helps your organization successfully pursue bundled payment in 6 simple steps: 
      1. Opportunity Assessment - benchmarking to help you understand opportunities and risks 
      2. Preferred Provider Network Development - a composite scoring system to assess and rank potential partners 
      3. Care Model Redesign - identification and assessment of bundle patients that informs care plan design 
      4. Real Time Patient Tracking - Carelink helps you answer: Where are my patients today? Are they on track with their care plan? Are we on budget? Do we need to intervene? 
      5. Claims Data Analytics - Archway Analytics provides web-based volume, trend, cost, performance, and reconciliation data based on CMS claims for your facility and competitor facilities.
      6. Integrated Performance Dashboard - real time updates through claims and care management data 

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