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Accountability & results

Visibility into your provider performance


Health care today moves far too quickly for static reporting to make a difference. Conquering today’s challenges requires full transparency when it comes to your providers’ performance—as well as the ability to adjust.

Unlike a closed EMR, our cloud-based EMR system gives you an unprecedented level of insight—at the network, practice, and provider levels—to make confident, informed decisions that drive results. It’s a real-time view of your entire enterprise, with the ability to drill down into detail and make changes.   

The insight to thrive under any payment mix

Whether you’re looking to solidify the foundation of your fee-for-service business, or are participating in an ACO or other shared-risk opportunity, you’ll get:

  • The insight to succeed
  • The ability to align physicians at the point of care
  • Ease in reporting to programs or payers
And with a transparent view into your operations, and guidance from our Clinical Intelligence team, you can easily identify reimbursement options that your health system is best prepared to take advantage of.

Keeping a close eye on your results

Our athenahealth "Nerve Centers" have teams of athenahealth experts with one job: monitor provider performance in realtime to bring you actionable clinical data. You'll be able to track provider compliance to ensure physician alignment. Measure productivity. Identify performance trends or outliers.

With athenaClinicals, you'll achieve a level of visibility that's not available with a traditional EMR system or software. And the flexibility to thrive through payment reform.

We partner with:

  • 3 of the original Pioneer ACOs
  • 12 Medicare Shared Savings Program ACOs
1.2 M

lives covered

by our physicians in ACO programs

Case Study

Better quality metrics, higher reimbursements
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How New England Quality Care Alliance improved quality scores by 50% while analyzing data from over 30 EMRs.

Our cloud-based services include:

Electronic Health Records

Our award-winning Electronic Health Records (EHR) service gives providers greater control, so they can focus on what they do best.

Revenue Cycle Management

Providers on our medical billing and practice management service get paid more, faster, with less work.

Population Health

Patient communication services that reduce no-shows by 8% and keep providers better connected to our patients.

Patient Access & Care Coordination

A complete end-to-end service for seamless care coordination across the continuum, no matter where patients seek care.


Clinical intelligence from the most trusted mobile medical reference is embedded inside our EHR workflow.