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EHR overview

Organize—and improve—every moment of care

We designed our EHR to keep providers productive and focused on patients. Before the patient enters the exam room, our EHR surfaces the most relevant data to help the provider make decisions. The intake process is optimized to ensure the provider isn't overwhelmed by data entry work. The patient-centered clinical narrative is easy to enter and easy to read.

Thanks to knowledge gained from our network, we're uniquely able to guide your providers to improve performance. Providers are coached based on KPIs and benchmarking from across the network to improve use, efficiency, and ROI. During the exam, providers entering a particular diagnosis are able to see suggested orders for that diagnosis, based on the experience of the network.

Satisfy quality measures for full payment

Because we have a shared financial incentive to do so, we’ve made attesting to quality measures as simple and automatic as possible. Our Quality Performance team embeds program requirements into the workflow to inform care decisions and automate quality measure satisfaction. We take on the administrative work so your health system can receive full payment, without increasing the burden on providers or staff.

Close the loop on physician orders

Our services ensure that physician orders are tracked through to completion. Our dedicated document service experts handle inbound faxes for your health system, matching results to the correct patient record so the provider sees the most up-to-date information.


The Future of Care Management is Connection
Explore the future of team-based healthcare and how to motivate behavior change in patients to self-manage their health and get to better outcomes.

Our cloud-based services include:

Electronic Health Records

Our award-winning Electronic Health Records (EHR) service gives providers greater control, so they can focus on what they do best.

Revenue Cycle Management

Providers on our medical billing and practice management service get paid more, faster, with less work.

Population Health

Patient communication services that reduce no-shows by 8% and keep providers better connected to our patients.

Patient Access & Care Coordination

A complete end-to-end service for seamless care coordination across the continuum, no matter where patients seek care.


Clinical intelligence from the most trusted mobile medical reference is embedded inside our EHR workflow.