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Rapid EHR implementation

EHR implementation that scales to your network and needs

If your current EHR isn't satisfying your health system's needs—customer service, clinical integration, ease of use, care coordination—you're probably considering the right replacement for the future. But you need an onboarding approach that's painless here and now.

How quickly can a vendor's EHR implementation scale to your network size? What's the level of disruption? What's the time to value of the new service?

Proven implementation, no start-up costs

Our onboarding methodology and EHR implementation plan is all about partnership. This isn’t some standard software dump or server installation—it’s a proven process designed to get large health systems and hospitals moving as swiftly as possible, both during and after EHR implementation. We have expert teams dedicated to nothing but this.  

athenahealth handles the project management and EHR implementation plan for you, continually tracking your providers’ real-time progress via our “Nerve Center” headquarters, and guaranteeing network uptime (as we always do) from our comprehensive Network Operations Center. All focused on ensuring the smoothest, most effective transition possible.

And we do this without the charges you’ll see with standard vendors.
With athenahealth, you’ll get:

  • No hefty start-up costs
  • Zero licensing fees
  • No servers to install
  • A network that learns from the experiences of 114,000 providers—included as part of our service

Seamless transfer of data

We've successfully converted hundreds of clients from conventional EHR software. To optimize data conversion, we work with you to select a transfer method that works best for your health systems, so that the most relevant clinical information is quickly accessible on athenaClinicals.

On-boarded 1,000+ providers for 1 client in one 3-month period from final contract to day one

Case Study

Better quality metrics, higher reimbursements
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How New England Quality Care Alliance improved quality scores by 50% while analyzing data from over 30 EMRs.

Our cloud-based services include:

Electronic Health Records

Our award-winning Electronic Health Records (EHR) service gives providers greater control, so they can focus on what they do best.

Revenue Cycle Management

Providers on our medical billing and practice management service get paid more, faster, with less work.

Population Health

Patient communication services that reduce no-shows by 8% and keep providers better connected to our patients.

Patient Access & Care Coordination

A complete end-to-end service for seamless care coordination across the continuum, no matter where patients seek care.


Clinical intelligence from the most trusted mobile medical reference is embedded inside our EHR workflow.