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athenaCollector Offerings

Connect to your hospital’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System

  • Bidirectional exchange of patient identifiers between athenaNet and your hospital's EMR or EMPI to keep the two systems in sync.
  • Send patient and appointment information from athenaNet to your hospital’s EMR.
  • Provider-Based Billing: Receive hospital admission data and create claims worklists. By integrating your hospital's EMR and athenaNet through an interface suite, the practice's billing team is enabled to adhere to PBB bundling requirements. 

athenaClinicals Offerings

Connect to your EMR, Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), or Radiology Information Systems (RIS) within your health system

  • Electronically exchange Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) with other entities in your health system.
  • Exchange information for Patients, Encounters, Episodic Clinical Data, Order Notifications, and Results via HL7 messaging with other entities in your health system.
  • Send lab and diagnostic imaging orders from athenaNet to a LIS or RIS system.
  • Receive lab, imaging, and result documents from a lab, imaging facility, or hospital within your health system directly in athenaNet patient charts.

Other Methods of Information Exchange

Flat File Reporting

Use athenahealth's CSV reports, built in athenaNet with our robust outbound automated report delivery (ARD) tools. Any report in athenaNet can be transferred to a third-party system leveraging ARD.

Outbound Single Sign-On

Enable athenaNet User Single Sign-On (SSO) to access a Third-Party System from within athenaNet.