athenahealth Partners: Telehealth

Telehealth can be an important tool in triaging your patient population as you respond to this emerging medical crisis. Our Marketplace partners provide solutions that can help navigate these challenging times.

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    Chiron Health

    Reimbursable HIPAA-compliant video visits - increase revenue, practice efficiency, and patient satisfaction. Learn more

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    Hale helps clinical teams and health systems increase capacity, improve access and drive results — all while delivering an incredible patient experience. Optimize care between office visits through secure messaging, live video visits, photo sharing and more. Learn more

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  • healthchat logo


    A fast, simple and reliable telehealth solution designed by doctors to help grow your practice revenue. Learn more

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  • join care team logo


    JoinCareTeam—connecting health providers to patients, allowing access to health care from any device, anywhere! Patients will be connected to their care team to create a plan focused on improving the health, happiness and livelihood of the patient. Learn more

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    Qure4u empowers healthcare providers with smart digital tools they need to interact and optimize care before, during, and after office visits - from Digital Check-in, and Telehealth, to Remote Patient Monitoring. Qure4u is an all-in-one, fully integrated digital solution at a low cost. Learn more

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    Unlike any other telemedicine company, ROWE provides a turnkey solution for physicians to offer telemedicine directly to patients. The ROWE Network connects doctors to patients, and ensures engagement through training, tracking and ongoing support. Learn more

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