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Our users matter

We work for nearly everyone in healthcare.
From the front desk to the emergency room, we've got them covered.

Helen has been managing a serious condition for several years

As part of her complex care plan, she manages 8 medications, a low-sugar diet, and daily exercise. She’s fighting her disease, but keeping track of each treatment and coordinating between multiple specialists is often overwhelming. She lives off a fixed income and struggles with technology. Here at athenahealth, we advocate for Helen. We are identifying, simplifying, and improving each moment of care so she can always feel confident and in control.

Mark is a primary care physician

He believes face-to-face conversation is key to keeping patients healthy and engaged, but time is limited -- he needs to digitally document his patient visit, discover potential complications, and suggest resources to help his patients make informed health decisions. With athenahealth, Mark has the best tools available. He uses clinical insights to provide quality care while upholding the sanctity of the doctor-patient interaction. We are always exploring new ways to accelerate digital documentation and decision-making to help give physicians like Mark the space to empathically connect with patients.

Stacey is a working mother of three who manages her family’s health

She wants her children to get the best possible care, but juggling everyone’s schedules is time-consuming. To keep her family healthy, Stacey needs a single place to view each member’s health information and learn what needs follow-up. athenahealth is dedicated to building integrated services to empower caregivers like Stacey and help patients, practices, and families communicate in a more meaningful, human way.

Grace works the front desk at a neurology clinic

She is the face of the practice, greeting each patient as they walk through the door. She also answers incoming calls, schedules new appointments, and handles administrative tasks. In the airline industry, she would be the gate agent, air traffic controller, and customer service center all rolled into one. athenahealth understands Grace needs a flexible, powerful system that can adjust to the day-to-day needs of a busy office. We are always looking to provide greater transparency into ongoing issues and streamline administrative tasks. With less busy work, Grace can focus on giving patients a great experience before, during, and after their visit.

...and many more

These are just a few of our users. We design for people all across the healthcare spectrum.