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Caroline Smart

A Marriage of Medicine and Public Health

by Caroline Smart, CloudView Editor

In Lowell, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in the fight against juvenile asthma.

August 12, 2016|Categories: Models of Care, Patient Engagement

Ed Park

Community Hospitals: What It Will Take to Thrive

by Ed Park, COO

Community hospitals across the U.S. have been receiving a lot of press lately — and not all of it has been positive. Just this past summer there was the story from Belhaven, NC of Vidant Pungo Hospital closing its doors, leaving the community an hour or more from the nearest ER.

September 16, 2014|Categories: Care Coordination

Emily Lopez

How to Circumvent the Primary Care Physician Shortage

by Emily Lopez, clinical research and health policy consultant

The warnings have been pretty clear – demand for primary care physicians (PCPs) dwarfs supply, and will do so increasingly into the next decade.

June 27, 2014|Categories: Models of Care

Bernadette Sheridan

Diabetes: A Story of Understanding, Teamwork and Population Management

by Bernadette Sheridan, MD, family medicine

As a family doctor who has served the needs of my community since completing residency in 1982, I find myself with a unique privilege and opportunity to observe disease and wellness, the effects of lifestyle, policy and the collective efforts of myself and others, as we attempt to keep our patients well and affect the statistical bottom line. I’m typing this as I think about the patients with diabetes who make up more than 10% of my Brooklyn, New York-based practice.

November 21, 2013|Categories: Care Coordination

Jenny Englerth

Big FQHC Mission, Small Financial Margin

by Jenny Englerth, CEO of Family First Health

The Qualified Health Center (FQHC) where I work was founded the same year I was born. I make that point because it always gives me perspective on my role as CEO and steward of this valuable community asset; people have come before me and many will follow.

September 20, 2013|Categories: Models of Care

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