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Meaningful Use

Todd Rothenhaus

Patient Engagement: Not Just for Meaningful Use Anymore

by Todd Rothenhaus, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Patient portals are alive and well--and only increasing in value.

June 29, 2016|Categories: Patient Engagement

Rich Devlin

When Security Risk Assessment is Only Half the Picture

by Rich Devlin, Co-Founder and CEO, Sentry Healthcare Informatics

The second in a series by our Marketplace HIPAA Compliance partners to demystify HIPAA and the Security Risk Assessment, and provide a basis for running a successful medical practice.

June 22, 2016|Categories: Practice Management, Healthcare Policy and Reform

Allison LaValley

Meaningful Use Attestations: It's Not Just for Ambulatory Anymore!

by Allison LaValley, Executive Director of Clinical Performance

With the second year of behind us, athenahealth is delighted to announce something we expected all along: our clients rocked this shape-shifting, time-consuming, at times blood-boiling government program yet again.  

April 13, 2016|Categories: All Things EMR, Meaningful Use

Stephanie Zaremba

So You Heard Meaningful Use is Ending...

by Stephanie Zaremba, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs

As you may have heard by now, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Andy Slavitt recently announced that “the Meaningful Use program as it has existed, will now be effectively over and replaced with something better.” And if you are a clinician who has been diligently measuring and reporting your every click for the past few years, you likely have some questions: It’s over? What prompted this shift? What will these changes look like? When will they be implemented? Does this mean your days of box-checking are finally over?

February 03, 2016|Categories: Meaningful Use

Dan Haley

Meaningful Use: When the Exemption Becomes the Norm

by Dan Haley, SVP and General Counsel

Providers trying to keep up with the recent twists and turns of the federal Meaningful Use (MU) program could be forgiven an inclination to the proverbial long walk off a short pier. In the latest round of semi-insanity, CMS finally published the modified MU Stage 2 rule in October 2015, which is intended to apply to... 2015. In a rare mass coupling of stakeholder lions and lambs, provider groups and health IT vendor organizations alike rose up in unison and declared, in so many words, "Dude! That's just nuts."

December 28, 2015|Categories: Healthcare Policy and Reform, Meaningful Use

Lindsay Mello

Bolstering the Public Health Network

by Lindsay Mello, Healthcare Transactions Manager

The measles outbreak that occurred at Disneyland in March thrust vaccinations into the headlines, bringing to the forefront the impact that they can have on the public health of America. While it’s unclear at this time what, if any, ramifications the outbreak might have on public policy or vaccination requirements, it is clear that having accurate data on who is – and who is not – vaccinated is key to understanding the outbreak and preventing similar occurrences in the future.

April 30, 2015|Categories: Cloud Services

Allison LaValley

3 Things to Know about CMS' Proposed Changes to Meaningful Use

by Allison LaValley, Executive Director of Clinical Performance

On April 10, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) made good on their promise from January to modify Meaningful Use requirements. The result is a 200-page document including detailed proposed changes to the Meaningful Use program, so we’ve surfaced some of the biggest takeaways providers should be aware of:  

April 28, 2015|Categories: Meaningful Use

Stephanie Zaremba

The Forecast for Health Reform Post-SGR Repeal: Sunny or Stormy?

by Stephanie Zaremba, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs

The 10-plus-year Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) debacle is over. For years, physicians have watched the same scene play out year after year: the SGR formula threatens automatic Medicare reimbursement cuts of up to 25%. Congress, having no intention of forcing physicians take such a drastic pay cut for caring for our nation’s senior citizens, passes a temporary “patch” to prevent the cuts from taking effect. This annual ritual became known as the “doc fix.” 

April 17, 2015|Categories: Healthcare Policy and Reform

Jay Fleitman

A Reluctant Specialist Joins the EHR Ranks

by Jay Fleitman, MD, pulmonary specialist

After 30 years of using paper charts, I did not want to computerize my records. Don't get me wrong, I love computers, but most of my colleagues hated their . To make matters worse, the pricing I received from the bids I was getting from various systems’ vendors was prohibitive.

January 23, 2015|Categories: All Things EMR

John Voith

The Real Way to Talk About Interoperability

by John Voith, Director of Transaction Services

In an  about interoperability, I highlighted the wide range of technical standards that exist, HL7, DICOM, ISO, IHE, and so on. The health care industry sometimes gets hung up on the standards and doesn’t focus on what really matters: enabling providers and patients to complete particular "" through interoperability. Among those jobs, the most important is sharing patient charts between providers, regardless of location, for the purposes of improving patient care.

January 08, 2015|Categories: Interoperability

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