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Jonathan Bush

Jonathan Bush

This “Goggle-eyed Radical” Wrote a Book

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

Today I became Jonathan Bush, CEO, President... and author. Does It Hurt? An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Fixing Health Care has my name on the front and my picture on the jacket. But the book isn’t really about me. It’s about how we can allow more humanity to emerge in our health care system.

May 15, 2014|Categories: More Disruption Please, Healthcare Policy and Reform, Models of Care

Jonathan Bush

All I Want for Christmas are Your Big, Fat Problems…

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

The year is coming to an end as I report to you from my desk job here in the back rooms of athenahealth, where we take on the operational work for practices and health systems. (And if you’re not yet a client, we’d like to take on yours!) I’ve been happy to do the work, and it seems you’ve been mostly happy with it. But I’ve learned a lot putting in long, arduous hours back here and, frankly, I’m ready for more. I’m asking for a promotion.

December 19, 2013|Categories: Care Coordination, Cloud Services, Medical Billing and Payers, Patient Engagement, Practice Management

Jonathan Bush

A Humbling Letter

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

When you lead a company that’s striving to innovate in an industry like health care where so many forces seem to be working in the opposite direction, not every week ends on a high note. But one week in particular was an exception.

October 07, 2013|Categories: Models of Care

Jonathan Bush

Is Your Organization Suffering From Upper Right Quadrant Syndrome?

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

Have you experienced these symptoms at your organization?

  • Years of growing and consolidating your advantage.

  • The anxiety of thinking there is nowhere to go but down.

  • A Board comprised of the makers of manner; regulators seeded with alums, dripping with understanding of your “point of view.”

  • October 01, 2013|Categories: Healthcare Policy and Reform

Jonathan Bush

The Importance of “Being Present”

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

The athenahealth social media team recently got me blogging on a wider scale as part of a new LinkedIn project called the Influencers program. In the post, I wrote about the importance of learning the “why” of your work, the immense value of understanding the purpose behind your vocation.

August 28, 2013|Categories:

Jonathan Bush

Plenty to Say: Behind the Scenes with Jonathan Bush, Part IV

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

In this fourth and final post (see Parts I, II and III) on Jonathan Bush’ in-depth interview with, we focus less on innovation and health care, and more on the eccentric entrepreneur behind the curtain—Jonathan himself. Read on to learn what it’s like to grow up...

April 26, 2013|Categories:

Jonathan Bush

Stay Open. Don’t Freeze Up.

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

Dear Friends of athenahealth,

As most of you know by now, the Boston Marathon bombing suspects were pursued last night and early this morning a stone’s throw from our office in Watertown Mass. As the manhunt continues, that office is closed for the day and employees living in surrounding areas are staying home.

That said, we are open for business. WIDE open.

April 19, 2013|Categories: Cloud Services

Jonathan Bush

Plenty to Say: Behind the Scenes with Jonathan Bush, Part III

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

Today, in Part III of Jonathan’s interview with (see Parts rel="ext">I and rel="ext"

April 10, 2013|Categories: All Things EMR

Jonathan Bush

Plenty to Say: Behind the Scenes with Jonathan Bush, Part II

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

Back in March, CEO Jonathan Bush sat down with the gracious staff of to talk about everything from his experience as a young entrepreneur trying to ‘fix’ the birthing process, to the inception of athenahealth, to his five, beautiful kids.

April 03, 2013|Categories: More Disruption Please

Jonathan Bush

Finding Common Ground with CommonWell... and a Code

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

Today, we’re taking two more steps toward our vision of building the nation’s health information backbone: athenahealth is proposing a Code of Conduct for the health IT industry and announcing our agreement to play a leadership role in the newly formed CommonWell Health Alliance.

March 04, 2013|Categories: Interoperability

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