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Stephanie Zaremba

The Clipboard Routine

by Stephanie Zaremba, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs

A simple legal fix--reforming the Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Laws--could solve healthcare's maddening "clipboard routine." 

October 11, 2016|Categories: Cloud Services, All Things EMR, More Disruption Please, Healthcare Policy and Reform, Interoperability

Stephanie Zaremba

Stage 3 of Meaningful Use Still Lacks Interoperability and Provider Groups Aren't Pleased

by Stephanie Zaremba, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs

Last month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized changes to Stage 2 of Meaningful Use for 2015-2017 and new Stage 3 requirements to take effect in 2018. This final rule was largely consistent with what CMS proposed in April, aimed at reducing the complexity of program requirements. Yet despite CMS’s attempt to simplify the Meaningful Use program in response to years of stakeholder complaints, the final rule was again met with widespread criticism, particularly from providers.

November 12, 2015|Categories: Healthcare Policy and Reform, Meaningful Use, Interoperability

Ed Park

What Does Interoperability Have To Do With Letting Doctors Be Doctors?

by Ed Park, COO

A long time ago, a doctor leaned over to me and said earnestly, “Every patient is a story. When my colleagues refer a patient to me, I care mostly about how the story begins and ends – what’s wrong with the patient and what’s your assessment?”

That message has resonated in my head for the last decade and I’ve watched in horror as an entire of generation of EHRs have made an incomprehensible mess of the patient story. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I watch this video about two doctors trying to discuss a patient case and needing the hospital cafeteria worker to be the intermediary between them.

November 09, 2015|Categories: Interoperability

John Voith

The Real Way to Talk About Interoperability

by John Voith, Director of Transaction Services

In an  about interoperability, I highlighted the wide range of technical standards that exist, HL7, DICOM, ISO, IHE, and so on. The health care industry sometimes gets hung up on the standards and doesn’t focus on what really matters: enabling providers and patients to complete particular "" through interoperability. Among those jobs, the most important is sharing patient charts between providers, regardless of location, for the purposes of improving patient care.

January 08, 2015|Categories: Interoperability

John Voith

One Small Step for CommonWell, One Giant Leap for Interoperability

by John Voith, Director of Transaction Services

Today, the Health Alliance, a non-profit organization that brings together health IT companies to advance health data sharing, has taken the first major step in making those dreams of connectivity a reality.

November 19, 2014|Categories: All Things EMR

John Voith

Health Care Interoperability 101

by John Voith, Director of Transaction Services

Whenever we talk about health care interoperability with other interoperability “experts," hundreds (maybe thousands) of acronyms — ANSI, ERA, PIX, VPN, FHIR, HL7, XDS.b — start flying around. These are technical standards that were created to make information exchange easier for health IT developers, payers, providers, and patients — but this is not where an interoperability conversation should begin. Talking about specific exchange standards is overwhelming, and five steps ahead of where we should start.

October 07, 2014|Categories: All Things EMR, Interoperability

Jitin Asnaani

We Should Be Pushing Interoperability Boundaries, Not EHR Certification Timelines

by Jitin Asnaani, Director of Technology Standards and Policy

Health IT stakeholders across the nation were recently asked to comment on criteria to define 2015 electronic health record (EHR) certification. Ostensibly, these criteria would allow EHR vendors to voluntarily certify their products to meet an updated set of standards by 2015....

May 12, 2014|Categories: All Things EMR, Healthcare Policy and Reform, Meaningful Use

Jitin Asnaani

Stage 2 Meaningful Use: Surfing the Waves of Interoperability, Part I

by Jitin Asnaani, Director of Technology Standards and Policy

For years, medical practices have acted like silos of patient information, unmotivated and unable to share clinical data with anyone beyond their organizations. It’s an issue that our CEO Jonathan Bush recently addressed in an interview with .

July 10, 2013|Categories: Meaningful Use

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