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Naomi Fried

The Innovative Spirit of Pediatric Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital

by Naomi Fried, Ph.D.

How can innovation be embedded into an organization’s culture? And can a single executive act as a catalyst?

These are questions that Naomi Fried thinks a lot about. Four years ago, Fried was hired as Boston Children’s Hospital’s first Chief Innovation Officer.

September 30, 2014|Categories: More Disruption Please, Patient Engagement

Emily Lopez

How to Circumvent the Primary Care Physician Shortage

by Emily Lopez, clinical research and health policy consultant

The warnings have been pretty clear – demand for primary care physicians (PCPs) dwarfs supply, and will do so increasingly into the next decade.

June 27, 2014|Categories: Models of Care

Amy Edmondson

Cutting Through Jargon: When Words Matter in Healthcare

by Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School

A few years ago, two aeronautical companies joined forces to collaborate on a new aircraft. At the first planning meeting, everyone agreed on ambitious goals and a rigorous schedule. But the conversation kept getting mired in misunderstanding. Finally, it was discovered that the two groups meant something different when they used the simple phrase, “the plane has been delivered.” One group understood it to mean the plane has been physically delivered to a control station.

April 25, 2014|Categories: Patient Engagement

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