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Anne Meneghetti

Clinical Practice Guidelines: Scaling for the Moments of Care

by Anne Meneghetti, MD, Executive Director of Medical Information, Epocrates

I have empathy for those groups of expert clinicians who establish clinical practice guidelines. They sequester themselves in hotel conference rooms for days to create a document that’s part evidence-based analysis and part expert opinion. In the end, the resulting guideline may bear little semblance to what any of its authors do in practice. These freshly minted guidelines are typically very lengthy, and hard to apply to complex patients. Annoyingly, opinions on guidelines can differ from one specialty society to the next.

November 03, 2014|Categories: mHealth

Anne Meneghetti

Data Drives Insight into Value-based Care Decisions

by Anne Meneghetti, MD, Executive Director of Medical Information, Epocrates

How many times have you experienced the angst of finding out that a patient never filled a prescription because of personal finances? How often have you seen a patient go without treatment while prior authorization hurdles were being worked out? Practices are spending more time than ever before on affordability issues like these.

July 11, 2014|Categories: Analytics and Research

Mamle Anim

With Epocrates Inside My EMR I Can Leave the Juggling to the Clowns

by Mamle Anim, MD, FACP

Earlier this year, we announced the integration of Epocrates, the medical reference app, into athenaClinicals, our Best in KLAS ">

July 07, 2014|Categories: All Things EMR, mHealth

Ed Park

A Walk-Back, and Setback, for Sustainable HIE

by Ed Park, COO

Here at athenahealth, we’ve always held the view that the exchange of information is a two-way street and that the cost of information exchange should be shouldered by both sides.

April 08, 2014|Categories: Care Coordination, Interoperability, Healthcare Policy and Reform

Harrison Cotler

Is Learning the Science of Medicine Enough?

by Harrison Cotler, med student

“Why a career in medicine?”

March 07, 2014|Categories: Healthcare Policy and Reform, mHealth

Iyue Sung

Survey Finds Pediatricians Experiencing Heavy Burden and Stress

by Iyue Sung, PhD, Director of athenaResearch

In numerous conversations with our pediatrician clients over the last year, individual clinicians report increased complexity in their practices and, in many cases, decreased fulfillment in their work. To get a closer read on the “State of Pediatrics,” Epocrates and athenaResearch recently surveyed more than 700 pediatricians on the Epocrates network. Here are a few of the more prominent findings:

Declining Morale

January 23, 2014|Categories: Analytics and Research

Anne Meneghetti

Epocrates Bugs + Drugs: Looking at a Mobile App in Motion

by Anne Meneghetti, MD, Executive Director of Medical Information, Epocrates

Looking back on the two months since the launch of our stunningly beautiful Epocrates Bugs + Drugs app, a lot has happened. First, a lot of people have paid attention — we’ve topped 100,000 downloads, and more than 90,000 unique users have accessed the app. Second, we already gave the app a data refresh to clear some inconsistent data pockets. Our web-based format streamlines updates and ensures the app is always running the latest available data set.

November 20, 2013|Categories: Cloud Services, mHealth

Iyue Sung

Data Points to Behavioral Health as a Growing Challenge for Pediatricians

by Iyue Sung, PhD, Director of athenaResearch

In reviewing a recent survey of over 730 pediatricians conducted by Epocrates, an athenahealth company, we were concerned to note a decline in morale for many pediatricians struggling to keep pace with growing complexity at their practices. The reasons are manifold: increasingly stringent documentation requirements, more demanding parents, and a growing prevalence of complex chronic diseases, to name a few.

October 28, 2013|Categories: Analytics and Research

Anne Meneghetti

Epocrates Bugs + Drugs App: Big Data for Better Care

by Anne Meneghetti, MD, Executive Director of Medical Information, Epocrates

The promise of big data has been shimmering on the health care horizon for years. When properly aggregated and accessed, big data has the potential to personalize medical decision-making by identifying which treatments have the best chance of success for an individual patient. Now, athenahealth and Epocrates have come together to bring that idea to reality, in a new app called Epocrates Bugs + Drugs. And here’s how we did it…

An urgent need for infectious disease decision support

October 02, 2013|Categories: Cloud Services, mHealth

Michelle Mangino

Healing Health Care with UX Design

by Michelle Mangino, Social Media Manager

UPDATE (March 3, 2014): Abbe Don was selected to speak at SXSW! In her session, entitled, “Healing Healthcare with UX Design,” she will share her methodology for how to ‘design the right thing and design the thing right.’ Catch her SXSW Interactive session on Sunday, March 9, from 5:00-6:00pm CT at the Hilton Austin in Room 616AB.

August 29, 2013|Categories: All Things EMR, mHealth

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