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Maureen McKinney

Patient-Centered Care Demands Patient-Generated Data

by Maureen McKinney, Content Director, Phreesia

With patient-reported information in hand at the time of care, providers are better equipped to assess clinical risk, support self-management, and tailor care plans to meet patients’ needs. 

August 01, 2016|Categories: Models of Care, Patient Engagement, More Disruption Please, All Things EMR

John Voith

One Small Step for CommonWell, One Giant Leap for Interoperability

by John Voith, Director of Transaction Services

Today, the Health Alliance, a non-profit organization that brings together health IT companies to advance health data sharing, has taken the first major step in making those dreams of connectivity a reality.

November 19, 2014|Categories: All Things EMR

Brian Anderson

Five Ways to Improve Productivity with an EMR

by Brian Anderson, MD, Senior Manager, Clinical Effectiveness

One of the major reasons that health care providers resist implementing an electronic medical record (EMR) system is the belief that using it will decrease provider productivity, reducing the number of patients they can see and therefore reducing practice revenue. However, an EMR that is designed around a streamlined workflow can enable providers to work faster and more efficiently. Having an EHR and vendor that can give you ongoing visibility and insight into efficiency and productivity is essential to improving performance. For example, we’ve found that providers who utilize our recommended workflows, customized by specialty, complete with care pathways and templates, document 16.7% more quickly than those who do not.

October 16, 2014|Categories: All Things EMR

John Kulin

Why We Chose to Pursue Joint Commission Accreditation

by John Kulin, DO, FACEP

“Why?” That is the question I often get when I tell colleagues about pursuing Commission accreditation for our urgent care center. Many of you might remember Joint Commission from the hospital setting; hospitals were required to be Joint Commission Accredited if they wanted to be paid by Medicare.

September 09, 2014|Categories: All Things EMR

Mamle Anim

With Epocrates Inside My EMR I Can Leave the Juggling to the Clowns

by Mamle Anim, MD, FACP

Earlier this year, we announced the integration of Epocrates, the medical reference app, into athenaClinicals, our Best in KLAS ">

July 07, 2014|Categories: All Things EMR, mHealth

Steven Zeldes

My Case for a Glass-ified EMR

by Steven Zeldes, MD

It’s hard to believe that the transition from paper to electronic medical records (EMRs) — a change that took decades — has now advanced from desktops to mobile devices in only a few short years. And now, another potential tech transition looms: from mobile to Google Glass? When...

May 21, 2014|Categories: All Things EMR, More Disruption Please

Stephanie Zaremba

An Innovative Marriage of Patient Safety and Electronic Medical Records

by Stephanie Zaremba, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs

Last month, partnered with Quantros, a patient safety organization (PSO) that provides leading cloud-based services for quality, safety, and clinical business intelligence solutions.

November 18, 2013|Categories: All Things EMR, Healthcare Policy and Reform

Anne Meneghetti

Epocrates Bugs + Drugs App: Big Data for Better Care

by Anne Meneghetti, MD, Executive Director of Medical Information, Epocrates

The promise of big data has been shimmering on the health care horizon for years. When properly aggregated and accessed, big data has the potential to personalize medical decision-making by identifying which treatments have the best chance of success for an individual patient. Now, athenahealth and Epocrates have come together to bring that idea to reality, in a new app called Epocrates Bugs + Drugs. And here’s how we did it…

An urgent need for infectious disease decision support

October 02, 2013|Categories: Cloud Services, mHealth

Jonathan Bush

Is Your Organization Suffering From Upper Right Quadrant Syndrome?

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

Have you experienced these symptoms at your organization?

  • Years of growing and consolidating your advantage.

  • The anxiety of thinking there is nowhere to go but down.

  • A Board comprised of the makers of manner; regulators seeded with alums, dripping with understanding of your “point of view.”

  • October 01, 2013|Categories: Healthcare Policy and Reform

Jeremy Delinsky

Our Journey to Industry-Leading EMR Usability, as Validated by KLAS

by Jeremy Delinsky, Chief Technology Officer

The news is out from KLAS, and they’ve validated our approach to the ways we design and build athenaClinicals®, our cloud-based electronic health record system: “It’s the usability, stupid!” KLAS research has recognized athenaClinicals as the most usable EMR on the market—when...

June 06, 2013|Categories: All Things EMR

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