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Cheryl Fuchigami

Practice Management: The Art of the Job

by Cheryl Fuchigami, RN, Practice Administrator, Pediatric Partners, MPC

I sometimes liken management to being a parent – you’re responsible for the medical practice’s overall well-being, you have a ton of responsibility and you wear a lot of hats.

February 25, 2014|Categories: Practice Management, User Conference

Ed Park

Behind the Scenes: Getting Clients Live and Keeping Them Healthy

by Ed Park, COO

Visitors to athenahealth headquarters during the second half of 2013 probably noticed an ambitious construction project spanning the entire first floor of our 311 Arsenal Street building—the same space where wartime artillery was once manufactured as far back as the Civil War. Facilities teams were developing our five new client “nerve centers,” interconnected work areas dedicated to helping our clients go live on athenahealth and stay successful in the months and years to come.

December 27, 2013|Categories: Cloud Services

Iyue Sung

Data Points to Behavioral Health as a Growing Challenge for Pediatricians

by Iyue Sung, PhD, Director of athenaResearch

In reviewing a recent survey of over 730 pediatricians conducted by Epocrates, an athenahealth company, we were concerned to note a decline in morale for many pediatricians struggling to keep pace with growing complexity at their practices. The reasons are manifold: increasingly stringent documentation requirements, more demanding parents, and a growing prevalence of complex chronic diseases, to name a few.

October 28, 2013|Categories: Analytics and Research

Jonathan McDevitt

A Clinical, Educational and Proactive Approach to Customer Service

by Jonathan McDevitt, VP of Customer Operations

In honor of Service Week, we’re pulling back the curtain on one of athenahealth’s unsung hero departments, the Client Support Center, or CSC. The CSC is made up of over 240 athenistas (athenahealth employees) in our Belfast, Maine office. This hale and hearty crew is available Monday through Friday, 7:30am – 9:00pm ET, rain, shine, sleet or snowstorm — this is Maine after all.

October 10, 2013|Categories: Cloud Services

John Voith

PayerView: An Annual Transparent Look at Payer Performance and Medical Billing

by John Voith, Director of Transaction Services

It’s been seven years since our first PayerView report drew attention to the administrative variation across health insurance carriers ( in this 2006 New York Times article.) Today, we are

June 26, 2013|Categories: Medical Billing and Payers

Jonathan Bush

Plenty to Say: Behind the Scenes with Jonathan Bush, Part III

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

Today, in Part III of Jonathan’s interview with (see Parts rel="ext">I and rel="ext"

April 10, 2013|Categories: All Things EMR

Jonathan Bush

Plenty to Say: Behind the Scenes with Jonathan Bush, Part II

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

Back in March, CEO Jonathan Bush sat down with the gracious staff of to talk about everything from his experience as a young entrepreneur trying to ‘fix’ the birthing process, to the inception of athenahealth, to his five, beautiful kids.

April 03, 2013|Categories: More Disruption Please

Sally Ginsburg

Collaborating Toward Better Care: EHR, Data and the User Conference

by Sally Ginsburg, MD

It's sobering to think about where I was 10 years ago in medicine, and in pediatrics specifically. The idea of having an EHR was a distant one: I was taking notes on looseleaf paper, using a rubber stamp to denote a well-child exam or an acute visit. Holding the folder that contained these stapled papers, other assorted documents and carbon copies would often lead to a mishap with pages fluttering to the floor, landing completely out of order. I would stoop down, gather them up and, after apologizing to the patient, try to recover and get on with the tasks at hand.

February 14, 2013|Categories: All Things EMR, User Conference

Iyue Sung

Cloud Analytics: Flu Season Trends Follow-Up

by Iyue Sung, PhD, Director of athenaResearch

Two weeks ago, our Cloud Analytics team presented some season trends right here in the blog, and discovered that had great interest in our findings and f

February 01, 2013|Categories: Analytics and Research

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