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Caroline Smart

On the Cutting Edge of Accountability in Cleveland

by Caroline Smart, CloudView Editor

How the interconnectivity of one hospital system in northeast Ohio addressed Cleveland’s vast health care needs.

October 28, 2016|Categories: All Things EMR, Care Coordination, Cloud Services, More Disruption Please, Healthcare Policy and Reform, Interoperability, Models of Care

Dave Rothenberg

Three Foundations for Value-Based Care

by Dave Rothenberg, President, Privia Health

To thrive under new payment models, there are at least three fundamental capabilities every provider group must have, as well as a technology partner to knit them together.

October 03, 2016|Categories: Models of Care

Jonathan Bush

The Theory Behind the Guarantee

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

When Leon Leonwood Bean, founder of L.L.Bean, first created the infamous Bean Boot (officially known as the Maine Hunting Shoe), he sent mailers out to local fishermen and hunters to promote the new boot and guarantee complete satisfaction. Within a few weeks, 90 of the first 100 boots purchased were returned. The leather uppers had separated from the rubber bottoms. Though it almost put L.L.Bean out of business, L. L. stayed true to the guarantee and refunded the customers. 

April 06, 2015|Categories: Healthcare Policy and Reform

Josh Gray

What Will Happen to Drug Costs Under Accountable Care?

by Josh Gray, VP of athenaResearch

I speculated on how Accountable Care is likely to affect pharmaceutical costs. With this entry, we move from theory to actual experience by exploring a data set recently analyzed by the athenahealth Cloud Analytics team.

September 25, 2013|Categories: Analytics and Research, Models of Care

Amy Edmondson

For ACOs, No Magic Wand: Leadership Needed

by Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School

The July 16, 2013 Street Journal article reporting one-year results for 32 pilot care organizations (ACOs) is disappointing in more ways than o

August 16, 2013|Categories: Models of Care

Josh Gray

Impact of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) on Drug Costs

by Josh Gray, VP of athenaResearch

Among the most important changes sweeping across the health care delivery system is the shift of risk from payers to providers through Accountable Care Organizations, or ACOs. Here’s a quick summary of how they work: An ACO is a provider organization formed to assume...

July 25, 2013|Categories: Analytics and Research, Models of Care

Jonathan Bush

Plenty to Say: Behind the Scenes with Jonathan Bush, Part III

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

Today, in Part III of Jonathan’s interview with (see Parts rel="ext">I and rel="ext"

April 10, 2013|Categories: All Things EMR

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