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Michelle Mangino

UC14: Engaged Physicians, Engaged Patients

by Michelle Mangino, Social Media Manager

This week, athenahealth welcomed physicians, practice managers, health care leaders, staff, and our own athenahealth experts from around the country to the Hynes Convention Center in Boston for our annual User Conference (UC14). Now, I know that a conference wrap-up blog post isn’t the most original concept – especially for a company dedicated to a high degree of thought leadership, but bear with me. I’ve got an approach aimed to keep you all engaged – it’s going to be all about the shout-outs, so keep an eye out for your name.

May 02, 2014|Categories: Meaningful Use, Patient Engagement, User Conference

Michael Palantoni

ICD-10 Countdown: Symptoms and Treatments for ICD-10 Anxiety Disorder

by Michael Palantoni, senior manager, product innovation

With the ICD-10 deadline now only seven months away, concern over the transition is growing. This may be misplaced anxiety relative to the other sea-change transitions occurring in health care, but it is pervasive.

March 26, 2014|Categories: User Conference, ICD-10

Leslie Brunner

7 Reasons to Attend User Conference 2014

by Leslie Brunner, SVP of People and Process

With less than two months to go until our annual athenahealth User Conference, our ">55+ sessions are available for you to explore (and filling up fast). Our keynote speaker has been selected, and the snow here in Boston is slowly starting to melt— and we have hopes that the temperatures will be in the 60s when our clients arrive!

March 24, 2014|Categories: User Conference

Tarah Hirschey

The Role EHR Vendors Play in Patient Safety

by Tarah Hirschey, P.A., Senior Manager, Patient Safety

With Patient Safety Awareness Week kicking off this past Sunday, I thought it was as appropriate a time as ever to pose the question: “Do electronic health records (EHRs) impact patient safety events?” The research available is mixed. Some research indicates that EHRs can...

March 04, 2014|Categories: All Things EMR, User Conference

Cheryl Fuchigami

Practice Management: The Art of the Job

by Cheryl Fuchigami, RN, Practice Administrator, Pediatric Partners, MPC

I sometimes liken management to being a parent – you’re responsible for the medical practice’s overall well-being, you have a ton of responsibility and you wear a lot of hats.

February 25, 2014|Categories: Practice Management, User Conference

Leslie Brunner

Get Connected at User Conference 2014

by Leslie Brunner, SVP of People and Process

Snow is on the ground (at least here at our headquarters in Massachusetts), the holidays are a distant memory, and our calendars don’t yet reflect the craziness that will come with another year. What does this all mean?

January 13, 2014|Categories: User Conference

Leslie Brunner

Meet the 2013 athenaVision Award Winner: Midlands Orthopaedics

by Leslie Brunner, SVP of People and Process

Each spring at our annual User Conference, athenahealth honors those who embody the athenahealth vision of helping “make health care work as it should,” a topic our CEO Jonathan Bush spoke about in depth during his TEDMED presentation back in April.

May 22, 2013|Categories: Patient Engagement, User Conference

Lawrence Rosen

Social Media and Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities

by Lawrence Rosen, MD

When it comes to adopting new practices, physicians as a group are typically “late majority” adopters. According to sociologist Everett Rogers, “These individuals approach an innovation with a high degree of skepticism and after the majority of society has adopted the innovation.” On one level, I understand the reluctance to integrate new clinical methods when people’s lives are at stake; of course, we want to minimize the risk of harm while assessing potential benefits.

April 23, 2013|Categories: User Conference

Sally Ginsburg

Collaborating Toward Better Care: EHR, Data and the User Conference

by Sally Ginsburg, MD

It's sobering to think about where I was 10 years ago in medicine, and in pediatrics specifically. The idea of having an EHR was a distant one: I was taking notes on looseleaf paper, using a rubber stamp to denote a well-child exam or an acute visit. Holding the folder that contained these stapled papers, other assorted documents and carbon copies would often lead to a mishap with pages fluttering to the floor, landing completely out of order. I would stoop down, gather them up and, after apologizing to the patient, try to recover and get on with the tasks at hand.

February 14, 2013|Categories: All Things EMR, User Conference

Leslie Brunner

User Conference Registration Now Open

by Leslie Brunner, SVP of People and Process

athenahealth Conference 2013 is rapidly approaching and as with previous years, we’re really looking forward to seeing our clients all in one place! For those not familiar with the UC, it’s a great way to get connected, be guided by our experts, gain valuable new insights and then bring home a clear strategy for ongoing performance improvement.

January 10, 2013|Categories: Practice Management, User Conference

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