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John Voith

The Real Way to Talk About Interoperability

by John Voith, Director of Transaction Services

In an  about interoperability, I highlighted the wide range of technical standards that exist, HL7, DICOM, ISO, IHE, and so on. The health care industry sometimes gets hung up on the standards and doesn’t focus on what really matters: enabling providers and patients to complete particular "" through interoperability. Among those jobs, the most important is sharing patient charts between providers, regardless of location, for the purposes of improving patient care.

January 08, 2015|Categories: Interoperability

John Voith

Health Care Interoperability 101

by John Voith, Director of Transaction Services

Whenever we talk about health care interoperability with other interoperability “experts," hundreds (maybe thousands) of acronyms — ANSI, ERA, PIX, VPN, FHIR, HL7, XDS.b — start flying around. These are technical standards that were created to make information exchange easier for health IT developers, payers, providers, and patients — but this is not where an interoperability conversation should begin. Talking about specific exchange standards is overwhelming, and five steps ahead of where we should start.

October 07, 2014|Categories: All Things EMR, Interoperability

Ed Park

A Walk-Back, and Setback, for Sustainable HIE

by Ed Park, COO

Here at athenahealth, we’ve always held the view that the exchange of information is a two-way street and that the cost of information exchange should be shouldered by both sides.

April 08, 2014|Categories: Care Coordination, Interoperability, Healthcare Policy and Reform

Jonathan Bush

Finding Common Ground with CommonWell... and a Code

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

Today, we’re taking two more steps toward our vision of building the nation’s health information backbone: athenahealth is proposing a Code of Conduct for the health IT industry and announcing our agreement to play a leadership role in the newly formed CommonWell Health Alliance.

March 04, 2013|Categories: Interoperability

Dan Haley

Focus Incentives and Enable EHR Interoperability

by Dan Haley, SVP and General Counsel

As "> by Anthony Brino, researchers Arthur Kellerman, MD, and Spencer Jones at RAND Corporation recently blamed the maddeningly slow progress of electronic health record (">

January 16, 2013|Categories: All Things EMR, Interoperability, Meaningful Use

Andrew Scutro

A Care Coordination Model That Benefits All

by Andrew Scutro, Senior Associate, Communications

If you us on Twitter, you may have seen a recent tweet or two about the free webinar we held at lunchtime yesterday focused on getting coordination right.

October 19, 2012|Categories: Care Coordination, Interoperability

Timothy Dudley

Whose (Big) Data Is It Anyway?

by Timothy Dudley, MD

I appreciate Jonathan Bush’s posts on creative disruption and creating a market for health information. These pieces talk about much-needed creativity in medical care in the United States.

October 18, 2012|Categories: All Things EMR, Interoperability

Stephanie Zaremba

Let’s Create a Market for Health Information Exchange

by Stephanie Zaremba, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs

On October 3, the Health IT Initiative of the Bipartisan Policy Center released two complementary reports  on the need to move forward with electronic health information exchange (HIE). We collaborated in the creation of the recommendations in both reports, and I represented athenahealth for a panel discussion of the findings.

October 05, 2012|Categories: Care Coordination, Interoperability, Healthcare Policy and Reform

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