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Mark Maida

Pushing the Boundaries of Interoperability

by Mark Maida, Senior Associate, Healthcare Transactions

Two years ago, Lewes local, Beebe Medical Group (BMG), presented athenahealth’s interoperability team with a major problem. Providers were having difficulty finding the relevant care story for patients during encounters, especially with its transient snowbird and tourist populations. 

February 02, 2017|Categories: Interoperability, All Things EMR

Caroline Smart

On the Cutting Edge of Accountability in Cleveland

by Caroline Smart, CloudView Editor

How the interconnectivity of one hospital system in northeast Ohio addressed Cleveland’s vast health care needs.

October 28, 2016|Categories: All Things EMR, Care Coordination, Cloud Services, More Disruption Please, Healthcare Policy and Reform, Interoperability, Models of Care

Stephanie Zaremba

The Clipboard Routine

by Stephanie Zaremba, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs

A simple legal fix--reforming the Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Laws--could solve healthcare's maddening "clipboard routine." 

October 11, 2016|Categories: Cloud Services, All Things EMR, More Disruption Please, Healthcare Policy and Reform, Interoperability

Carissa Caramanis OBrien

Experience UNBREAK and Join the Movement

by Carissa Caramanis OBrien, Director of Social Media

Healthcare, here comes your ultimate rap parody.

September 27, 2016|Categories: More Disruption Please, Healthcare Policy and Reform, Models of Care, Patient Engagement, Practice Management, All Things EMR, Care Coordination, Cloud Services, Interoperability

Greg Carey

Precision Medicine: Healthcare's Next Big Breakthrough?

by Greg Carey, Technology Standards and Policy Manager

While the short-term benefits of the Precision Medicine Initiative—breaking down data silos, and inviting collaboration amongst institutions—are notable, the long-term effects could be immeasurable.

August 15, 2016|Categories: Analytics and Research, All Things EMR, Corporate Citizenship, Interoperability

Greg Carey

athenahealth Announces Pilot Participation in Precision Medicine Initiative

by Greg Carey, Technology Standards and Policy Manager

On February 25th athenahealth COO Ed Park joined the President of the United States and industry leaders at the White House to assess progress on the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) and announce commitments to the Sync for Science (S4S) pilot.  You may be surprised--or similarly disappointed—to learn that the link between athenahealth, President Obama, and an NBA legend has nothing to do with basketball. 

March 28, 2016|Categories: Interoperability, Models of Care

Stephanie Zaremba

Our ONC Interoperability Pledge

by Stephanie Zaremba, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs

Today athenahealth joined a number of other health IT vendors signing on to the latest government-orchestrated ‘private sector commitment to interoperability’ in healthcare. Congratulations to us, and to every other company that took the bold step of allowing our company names to be added to a list appended to an HHS press release.  

March 01, 2016|Categories: Interoperability

Stephanie Zaremba

Stage 3 of Meaningful Use Still Lacks Interoperability and Provider Groups Aren't Pleased

by Stephanie Zaremba, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs

Last month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized changes to Stage 2 of Meaningful Use for 2015-2017 and new Stage 3 requirements to take effect in 2018. This final rule was largely consistent with what CMS proposed in April, aimed at reducing the complexity of program requirements. Yet despite CMS’s attempt to simplify the Meaningful Use program in response to years of stakeholder complaints, the final rule was again met with widespread criticism, particularly from providers.

November 12, 2015|Categories: Healthcare Policy and Reform, Meaningful Use, Interoperability

Ed Park

What Does Interoperability Have To Do With Letting Doctors Be Doctors?

by Ed Park, COO

A long time ago, a doctor leaned over to me and said earnestly, “Every patient is a story. When my colleagues refer a patient to me, I care mostly about how the story begins and ends – what’s wrong with the patient and what’s your assessment?”

That message has resonated in my head for the last decade and I’ve watched in horror as an entire of generation of EHRs have made an incomprehensible mess of the patient story. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I watch this video about two doctors trying to discuss a patient case and needing the hospital cafeteria worker to be the intermediary between them.

November 09, 2015|Categories: Interoperability

Doran C. Robinson

Patient-Centered Exchange: Moving Toward an ATM Experience in a Health Care World

by Doran C. Robinson, Vice President of Healthcare Transactions

We all know what connectivity looks like – even when we’re not thinking about it. You experienced it the last time you withdrew money from an ATM owned by one of your bank’s competitors. Or when you made a restaurant reservation without leaving Opentable. Or when you saw departure times and prices for hundreds of flights all in one place. We experience connectivity just about every day. We also know, sadly, that we rarely experience this kind of connectivity in health care.

June 29, 2015|Categories: Interoperability

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