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Caroline Smart

PokeMon No!

by Caroline Smart, CloudView Editor

Pokemon Go is all fun and games—until someone gets hurt.  Here, ICD-10 codes offer some comic relief.

July 14, 2016|Categories: ICD-10

Nick Maselli

ICD-10 Nerve Center: What the Data is Telling Us in Week Three

by Nick Maselli, Senior Manager, Performance Analysis

We’re more than two weeks into the ICD-10 transition, and the data we’re seeing at our 24-7 ICD-10 Nerve Center is beginning to tell us a story about how practices and payers are performing post-October 1st.  

October 20, 2015|Categories: ICD-10

Michelle Mangino

Top 5 Zaniest ICD-10 Codes, Cartoon Style (Part 2)

by Michelle Mangino, Social Media Manager

Here are some new animated video shorts, since our  were such a hit. Check them out!

September 30, 2015|Categories: ICD-10

Elysha Fiabane

ICD-10 Deadline: What to Expect after the Oct 1st Transition

by Elysha Fiabane, senior manager, product innovation

With only a few weeks left until the transition to ICD-10, we’ve heard from a lot of providers asking what to expect come October 1st. We thought what better way to show that then to breakdown exactly what athenahealth is doing on behalf of clients – we’re all about transparency – and what providers should focus on. And if you’re not on our cloud-based network, use this as a starting point for a conversation with your vendor(s) on what they’re doing to help you – and what you’re expected to do.

September 21, 2015|Categories: ICD-10

Michelle Mangino

Top 5 Zaniest ICD-10 Codes, Cartoon Style

by Michelle Mangino, Social Media Manager

We’re really getting down to the wire, folks. The transition is just over a month away(!). In fact, we have a blog post lined up for you next week that will share some last minute preparation tips. But in the meantime, we wanted to squeeze in one last zany ICD-10 codes post.

August 25, 2015|Categories: ICD-10

Top ICD-10 Codes for Your Fourth of July Weekend

by ,

June 16, 2015|Categories: ICD-10

Kim Williams

Tracking Payer Performance: The 2015 PayerView Report

by Kim Williams, Executive Director of Payer Intelligence

Today, we . This is our ranking of commercial and government health plans based on nine specific measures focusing on financial, administrative and transactional performance. These metrics reflect how well each payer works with health care providers. 

May 20, 2015|Categories: Medical Billing and Payers, ICD-10

Michelle Mangino

Top ICD-10 Codes for Gardeners

by Michelle Mangino, Social Media Manager

With the transition less than five months away(!), we’ve been ramping up our efforts on the blog to educate, inform and prepare you all for October 1 – everything from assessing the to giving a at what we’re doing at athenahealth to help our clients succeed. But I think we’re overdue for something far more light-hearted at ICD-10’s expense. Am I right?

May 11, 2015|Categories: ICD-10

Hannah Galvin

The Five Stages of ICD-10 Grief: A Message for Providers

by Hannah Galvin, MD, Senior Manager, Clinical Effectiveness

If you’re a provider like me, chances are your feelings about the ICD-10 transition coming in October falls somewhere within the five stages of grief:

May 05, 2015|Categories: ICD-10

Michelle Mangino

Top ICD-10 Codes For Leprechauns

by Michelle Mangino, Social Media Manager

Some of you may recall our series on zany ICD-10 codes, which we 2013. The goal for the monthly blog posts was to have some fun with the new diagnostic code set as we got closer to the deadline.  Well, we got all the way through 2014 and then the government delayed the transition, putting our series on hiatus. But with the new transition date now less than seven months away, and , it’s time to start back up again. 

March 05, 2015|Categories: ICD-10

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