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Corporate Citizenship

Jamie Mercurio

Forging Connections to Care

by Jamie Mercurio, Senior Manager, athenaGives

Looking back on another year of corporate responsibility.

November 18, 2016|Categories: Corporate Citizenship

Jonathan Bush

The Learning Curve of Culture

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

Culture is a reminder of the spirit that produced a company, and it sustains—and evolves—to support the company it has produced.

November 01, 2016|Categories: Corporate Citizenship

Allie Brouckman and Susanne Fortunato

How athenahealth Built a Trans-Inclusive EHR

by Allie Brouckman and Susanne Fortunato, Product Innovation, athenahealth

Health technology has an extraordinary power to shape how providers care for their patients.  What does it take to build an EHR that’s safe for transgender patients?

October 12, 2016|Categories: All Things EMR, Corporate Citizenship

Jamie Mercurio

Farewell, Haiti

by Jamie Mercurio, Senior Manager, athenaGives

Back in the U.S., memories of Klinik Fonfred's tenacity and perseverance remain.

September 14, 2016|Categories: Corporate Citizenship

Foster Newcome

It's Go-Live Day at Klinik Fonfred

by Foster Newcome, Senior Product Innovation Associate

In a remote area of Haiti with no consistent communications or running water, a second clinic goes live on the athenahealth network. 

September 08, 2016|Categories: Corporate Citizenship

Jamie Mercurio

athenaGives Heads to Haiti

by Jamie Mercurio, Senior Manager, athenaGives

Follow along as our corporate citizenship program, athenaGives, brings a second international clinic live on athenaClinicals.

September 02, 2016|Categories: Corporate Citizenship

Greg Carey

Precision Medicine: Healthcare's Next Big Breakthrough?

by Greg Carey, Technology Standards and Policy Manager

While the short-term benefits of the Precision Medicine Initiative—breaking down data silos, and inviting collaboration amongst institutions—are notable, the long-term effects could be immeasurable.

August 15, 2016|Categories: Analytics and Research, All Things EMR, Corporate Citizenship, Interoperability

Jessica Myers

An Intern State of Mind

by Jessica Myers, Public Relations Intern, athenahealth

Internships at athenahealth aren't founded on a principle of preparation, but on a much more palpable sense of urgency.  Fixing healthcare is not easy, and it does not follow a schedule.

August 09, 2016|Categories: Corporate Citizenship

Ed Park


by Ed Park, COO

In 1997, I got a phone call to help a fledgling birthing clinic crack the code on making healthcare work the way it should. It was meant to be a summer a gig – a favor even – that turned into nearly two amazing decades.

July 21, 2016|Categories: Corporate Citizenship

Jamie Mercurio

Calling All Healthcare Nonprofits!

by Jamie Mercurio, Senior Manager, athenaGives

Now in its sixth year, athenahealth’s corporate citizenship program continues to aid innovative nonprofits exhibiting athenahealth’s mission to “unbreak healthcare.” Apply for a grant!

June 17, 2016|Categories: Corporate Citizenship, More Disruption Please, Models of Care

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