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Ideas and insights to help health care providers stay informed and profitable in today's challenging health care environment.

Experience UNBREAK and Join the Movement

by Carissa Caramanis OBrien, Director of Social Media

Healthcare is broken. Patients are fed up. Providers are burned out. Costs are out of control. But it doesn’t have to be this way. So, how exactly did we get to this state anyway—and how do we unbreak the colossal failure that is American healthcare?

Last year, ZDoggMD, a.k.a. Dr. Zubin Damania, delighted the Internet with “EHR State of Mind,” his remix of the well-loved JayZ song, and it struck a chord with thousands of providers for a truth seldomly acknowledged: health IT is failing health care.  

Providers are distracted by technology, overwhelmed by clicks and check-boxes, and are losing their connection to their patients. ZDogg’s video drove the message home, inspiring more than 1,000 healthcare professionals to share their frustrations, their outrage, and their recommendations on a virtual message board on our Let Doctors Be Doctors website. We’re now expanding our social conversations to include more of you—and connect you to each other—so that we may explore the breadth of broken and unbroken moments in healthcare. 

As such, we’re introducing a new site, a social experience: athenahealth’s UNBREAK Social Hub! 

This new site is where we’ll connect with you—healthcare’s providers, thinkers, and influencers—to share what we know and think about the current state of healthcare, then get inspired about how to fix it together.

So what, exactly, can you expect from the Social Hub? 

We’ll show you what unbroken healthcare looks like from our vantage point with a series of engaging videos, including the world premiere of ZDogg’s new anthem, “Lose Yourself.”  It’s an ode to all the doctors and nurses out there fighting to keep their heads above water and to do well by doing good. 

Then, we’ll show you the three items most important to us at athena: letting doctors be doctors, connecting care, and innovation.

There are so many corners of healthcare where innovation and change are beginning to take hold, beautifully and inspirationally. People are unbreaking healthcare every day:  restoring humanity to the moment of care, connecting with patients, and taking a stand against the status quo.  These are the inspirational stories that we simply have to share.

And finally, we’ll share the knowledge and information we think is best suited to help inform innovative approaches to unbreaking healthcare, with a spotlight on key features from athenaInsight.

As you heard last weekathenaInsight is the new daily news hub reporting from the heart of the healthcare internet.  Powered by the data from our network, athenaInsight delivers unique, data-driven insights and analysis to help providers care, operate, and lead in these uncertain times. The site’s gorgeous data visualizations and live reporting illustrate just what, exactly, you can learn from 80,000 providers and 80 million patient records.  With content ranging from breaking news to opinion, athenaInsight combines modern reporting with expert opinion, forums, and profiles to offer a modern take on healthcare challenges and successes, from the clinic to the Board room.

If athenaInsight is readers’ go-to knowledge source for fresh ideas, strategy, and storytelling, the Social Hub is their place to discover, hoot, and holler. We want to delight people with the power of our network, and inspire a conversation around it, too.

athenahealth has always had the unique ability to peek under the hood of the healthcare system.  Now, with the Social Hub, we have the forum to share that view widely (and maybe inject a few laughs for good measure). All this is just a sampling of what’s to come as we showcase the power of our network, athena’s commitment to unbreak healthcare…and our appreciation for a good rap parody, too.

At athenahealth, we’re taking a stand. Let’s start a conversation around the movement, and build the healthcare of tomorrow, together.  It’s time for a reckoning.  It’s time to unbreak healthcare.  

So, tell us how you’d do it over at the Social Hub.  There you can create your own UNBREAK tile, download it, and share it out. Post your photos using #unbreakhealthcare, and they may appear in our live feed. Take the UNBREAK poll, and weigh in on the latest healthcare issues of the day. And then share your voice, adding it to the thousands who have already spoken out. This is the start of a conversation and a movement. Join us.

Carissa has spent most of her career helping healthcare organizations forge connections and create fiercely engaged communities. She has led global marketing communications, social content and community strategy for many of the world’s largest healthcare brands. As a certified EMT, Carissa is also proud of her ongoing role as an advocate for EMS, having worked in various roles within the field for fifteen years. Find @CarissaO on Twitter or LinkedIn

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Cloudview Blog

Ideas, insights and analysis to help physicians, medical groups and health systems stay informed and profitable in today's challenging health environment.

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