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Ideas and insights to help health care providers stay informed and profitable in today's challenging health care environment.

PokeMon No!

by Caroline Smart, CloudView Editor

Pokemon Go.  It’s a cultural phenomenon, a runaway hit, a procrastination enabler.  But is it also a health hazard?

The popular gaming app, which uses smartphones to superimpose virtual characters into a state of "augmented reality," has taken the world by storm.  But it’s having one major unexpected side effect: physical injuries.  

Amidst the race to capture critters and monsters, reports of the game turning dangerous have swept the web. We’re all for getting out into the great outdoors, but with people slipping, falling, stumbling, and crashing, it seems like danger lurks around every corner.  Maybe you've walked into a lamppost yourself?

For your reading pleasure--and diagnosing assistance, and heck, as a Public Safety Announcement--I present you with the top ten ICD-10 codes relevant to Pokemon Go injuries.  Stay safe out there!

W18.0 Fall due to bumping against object

That stop sign should have gotten out of YOUR way.

E86.0 Dehydration

Keep chugging those fluids.  Or find yourself a Squirtle.

V48.0 Injured in noncollision transport accident in nontraffic incident

Yes, I’m talking about YOU, person who just walked into a parked car.

F60.8 Narcissistic personality disorder

Just because you’re at Level 20 doesn’t mean you’re better than me.

L55.0 Sunburn of first degree

Pokemon Go is getting millions off the couch and soaking up some important Vitamin D, but don’t forget your long-sleeved clothing, hats, and sunscreen.

R41.82 Altered mental status-unspecified

It’s beginning to look like the Zombie Apocalypse out there. 

T23.0 Burn of unspecified degree of hand, unspecified site

That iPhone you’ve been clutching in your palm for the last twelve hours is overheating, and you’re about to get burned.  In other words, don’t get Charmander-d. 

R53.83 Other Fatigue - lack of energy, lethargy, tiredness

Congratulations: You’ve been pounding the pavement all day and no longer look like a “Jigglypuff,” but it may be time to take a break.

Y04.0 Assault by unarmed brawl or fight

Put the Pokemon Go down slowly.  Back away, and nobody gets hurt.

G56.00 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, unspecified upper limb

Just when you thought you were getting a reprieve from charting in your EHR all day, here comes a new source of wrist pain.


Enjoyed this post?  Want to relive the days of ICD-10 glory past?  Refresh your memory with our classic Halloween, Thanksgiving, holidays, and 4th of July parodies.

And for goodness' sake, watch where you're walking!


Caroline Smart is a Senior PR Associate and CloudView Editor.

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Cloudview Blog

Ideas, insights and analysis to help physicians, medical groups and health systems stay informed and profitable in today's challenging health environment.

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