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Ideas and insights to help health care providers stay informed and profitable in today's challenging health care environment.

What Does a Great Place to Work Look Like?

by Susan Treadway, Director of HR

This year athenahealth is again delighted to appear on Becker’s “150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare” list, a who’s who of the best employers across provider organizations, consulting firms, health IT vendors, medical societies, and more.

It’s hard to put one’s finger on the essence of a great workplace.  You can define it a multitude of ways: by benefits, compensation, wellness initiatives, professional development opportunities, approaches to diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, and a sense of community and common pride. These are all qualities carefully cultivated by employers to keep their employees happy, healthy, and motivated to come to work each day and do great things. 

At athenahealth, we think that a happy workplace is synonymous with a productive workplace. It’s written in our HR mission statement: “To drive business results by offering and fostering the best holistic employee experiences, allowing athenistas to join, grow and thrive.” That’s why our HR staff is motivated to make coming to athenahealth each day a rewarding experience for our employees. Sure, we invest in all the usual (and not so usual) things. But talking about “perks”—wood-fired pizza ovens, a dog friendly campus, beer fridges—misses the big picture.  Our greatest asset, and the reason why so many of us come to the office, is the pleasure of working with our colleagues.  Smart, passionate, energetic, and compassionate: these are the people we work with every day.  They keep us in good company as we work to fix healthcare.  

In this series, I’m delighted to introduce you to members of athenaNation across our organization.  I’m proud to call them my colleagues and my friends.

First up: Meet Greg Joondeph-Breidbart, a Data Engineer on athenahealth’s Data Science team.  Mining vast amounts of data about national flu trends and developing performance indicators to determine new client performance: it's all in a day’s work for Greg.

Check back here next Tuesday to meet another colleague who makes athenahealth a great place to work.  And tell us: what do you think makes a health care employer truly great?

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Cloudview Blog

Ideas, insights and analysis to help physicians, medical groups and health systems stay informed and profitable in today's challenging health environment.

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