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Ideas and insights to help health care providers stay informed and profitable in today's challenging health care environment.

MDP Accelerator Spotlight: Hale Health

by Anna Larson, CEO and Co-Founder, Hale Health

As our More Disruption Please (MDP) Accelerator program continues to grow and expand to our Austin and San Francisco offices, we wanted to give the health care community an opportunity to meet the startups joining this exciting program.  – Michelle Mangino, Blog Editorial Manager

Company Name: Hale Health

Founded: 2013

Funding status: Confidential

Maturation stage: Early Growth Stage

Number of employees: 7

What’s your story?

Prior to starting Hale Health, I was on the iPhone team at Apple and then joined a small consulting company where Chris Lintz, Hale’s Co-Founder and product lead, and I worked together on product marketing strategy and creative projects for clients including Jawbone, Square, Twitter, Rdio and more. After working hard to help other small companies be successful, we struck out on our own and determined that there was an important role for intuitive and beautifully designed products in the healthcare space – not only to improve the provider and patient experience, but to reduce costs.

How did you go about assembling such a rockstar team?

Having spent our careers around creative and product design teams at some of the best and most innovative technology companies in the bay area, we were fortunate to develop a network of people who wanted to join the team both full time and as advisors. We all share the idea that there are plenty of lessons from the consumer technology world that can be applied to improving healthcare delivery – and fortunately, we view the additional constraints of working with regulated customers and partners as fuel for creative thinking. It’s inspiring to work on a problem that hasn’t yet been solved.

What does your company do?

We’ve designed software that connects clinical teams and their patients between visits. It’s that simple. Providers can send and receive messages, videos, photos, structured questionnaires and connected device data related to any condition at any time.

How does your solution address a key pain point for health care providers?

There are massive inefficiencies in relying on analog communication to reach patients and patient portals have notoriously low adoption rates. We’re delivering a set of tools that help providers eliminate workflow inefficiencies while providing a product experience that patients actually want to use. Without adoption, the potential of remote care as a way to drive engagement and reduce costs will remain out of reach.

What makes Hale Health different? What’s your competitive advantage?

We’re constantly challenging the status quo to make things easier – healthcare is complicated enough without the additional challenge of a lousy user experience. And we believe that in order to impact the cost and quality of care we can’t just design great clinical tools; we need to make our products available to everyone. Which is why Hale is available to all providers and their patients – for free.

Why did you join the athenahealth MDP Accelerator?

We don’t put MDP in the same category as most accelerator programs – we wanted more than just a roof over our heads and a short list of warm introductions. Because of athenahealth’s deep experience selling to providers we sought to establish a strategic partnership that allows us to push our product further, deliver a better integrated experience for our shared customers and scale.

What’s next for Hale Health?

We’re focused on growth – and delivering product features that enable it. Next up we’re enhancing clinical customization so practices can author their own questionnaires, launching pediatrics and rolling out additional languages beyond English and Spanish.

Best Accelerator moment?

Our best MDP Accelerator moments happen each and every time we notify a customer that their athenahealth + Hale integration is live. When patient data can flow to and from athenaNet, athenahealth’s cloud-based network, we’re able to deliver on the promise of a seamless workflow and create material value for practices and patients alike.

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Ideas, insights and analysis to help physicians, medical groups and health systems stay informed and profitable in today's challenging health environment.

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