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Ideas and insights to help health care providers stay informed and profitable in today's challenging health care environment.

Same Mission, New Brand

by John Fox, Director of Content

You’ve probably noticed by now that things look a little different here on Today, we’re thrilled to be launching a new website and new branding all at once. With the new website we have a state-of-the-art, mobile-friendly platform for showcasing our services and sharing our client stories. Take some time to click around and explore. You’ll find different experiences for practices and enterprise organizations, great new videos to explain how we do what we do, and more ways to engage with our unique network data. And if you like it, please share it on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

Now, onto the brand. Why, you might ask, did we decide to update our branding now? Well…it was time. First, we’ve grown up A LOT since we last tweaked our branding five years ago. Back then, we had around 900 employees in three offices and 20,000 providers on our network. Today, we have 3,500 employees in seven national offices and are pushing 60,000 providers. With the acquisition of Epocrates, half the physicians in the country are now active on our network. And, while our mission for helping providers do well by doing the right thing has stayed true, we’ve moved way beyond just processing practice claims and paperwork and are well on our way to building the health care internet and connecting care nationwide. 

When we took a fresh look at our visual brand, we still liked a lot of what we saw. The olive branch, for example, connects us to athenahealth’s humble roots as a women’s birthing clinic. The green in our brand is a refreshing departure from the sterile blues and greys that dominate health IT — reminding us that, as our CEO Jonathan Bush puts it, “we are of this earth.” So we retained and built on those elements. We brightened our color palette and brought in a more modern font to convey the energy, passion and optimism that is part of our culture. We reduced the mark to a single olive branch with a single stem to signify the health care backbone that we are growing and building with our clients. And we added an olive, which we never had before, to represent the seed of growth for the network. New athenahealth logo More important than the facelift, however, is our new brand promise and tagline: “We connect care.” As Harvard Business School professor, Nancy Koehn, wrote on our Health Leadership Forum, a good brand should clarify and deepen the relationship between an organization and its stakeholders. When we spoke with a collection of our clients, here’s what they said “connected care” means to them:

  • “Connecting caregivers ultimately will help patient care — and that’s the goal.”
  • “Nowadays you have to put all of the pieces of health care together, have to connect the patient with the specialist, with the ancillary health, with the labs, the nursing…”
  • “That’s where healthcare is going. If it’s your patient, you have to be aware of all the care they receive, and bring it together easily.”
  • “More interoperability between systems and the exchange of healthcare information…hopefully to better coordinate care for patients in general.”
For us at athenahealth, connecting care comes down to driving results for our clients — it’s the work we do every day as athenistas to connect claims to payment, connect across the continuum, connect doing good to doing well, connect insight to action, and connect providers to patients.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be featuring posts from providers expanding on what “connected care” means to them. And we’ll be sponsoring an upcoming essay contest for Medical Economics on the theme as well, so look for that in mid-January if you’re ready to flex your writing skills. One way or the other, we want to hear from you, because the “we” in “we connect care” isn’t just athenahealth — it’s all of us.

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Cloudview Blog

Ideas, insights and analysis to help physicians, medical groups and health systems stay informed and profitable in today's challenging health environment.

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