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Ideas and insights to help health care providers stay informed and profitable in today's challenging health care environment.

Top Five ICD-10 Codes You Can Ignore. If You’re a Snowman.

by Michelle Mangino, Social Media Manager

It's 2014. This means that we can no longer say to ourselves, “the ICD-10 deadline isn’t until next year” because, well, we’re now in “next year!”

Now that we’re counting down to the deadline, and before I jump into our fourth installment of the Top Five ICD-10 Codes blog series, I want to remind everyone that January 1st marked the commencement of the first Stage 2 Meaningful Use reporting period. (Crazy, I know. Time flies.) As my colleague Liz Dunn pointed out in a recent blog post, we HIGHLY recommend attesting to Stage 2 early in the year so you can then shift your sole focus to the ICD-10 transition. Okay, enough of my strong reminders, let’s get back to the fun.

For this month’s post, we shift away from holiday themes and take inspiration from that kindly round figure in an old silk hat standing on my front lawn. He goes by the name Frosty the Snowman, and we’ve determined five new ICD-10 codes that dear old Frosty will never worry about, never suffer from, and never be billed for when he visits his physician this winter.

  1. T30.0 – Burn of unspecified body region, unspecified degree
    This one’s a tad bittersweet. Frosty can’t burn, but he will melt faster than you can yell, “Get me a shovel!”
  2. E50 – Vitamin A deficiency
    The perks of having two eyes made out of coal. And no organs.
  3. T33 – Superficial frostbite
    Bring it on, polar vortex.
  4. E86.0 – Dehydration
    This is a bit obvious, right?
  5. S93.40 – Sprain of unspecified ligament of ankle
    While he has been quoted saying, "C’mon, let's run, and we'll have some fun,” Frosty technically doesn’t have any legs. Hmm.

Being four months into this blog series, I hope these posts are helping you gradually become more familiar with the hyper-specificity of the new ICD-10—and have a few laughs along the way. As always, I welcome any zany ICD-10 codes or ideas for themes of future posts. Tweet them to @athenahealth or send them to and I’ll incorporate them into this series.

Check out Michelle Mangino’s Google+ Profile. Follow @MichelleMangino on Twitter.

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