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Stay Open. Don’t Freeze Up.

by Jonathan Bush, President & CEO

Dear Friends of athenahealth,

As most of you know by now, the Boston Marathon bombing suspects were pursued last night and early this morning a stone’s throw from our office in Watertown Mass. As the manhunt continues, that office is closed for the day and employees living in surrounding areas are staying home.

That said, we are open for business. WIDE open.

Our NOC (Network Operation Center) team is humming along at its emergency backup location. Our CSC (client support center) is taking calls and supporting clients at FULL capacity in our Belfast, Maine Operations Center. Our claim operations, pre-certification operations and Coordinator operations are also running at FULL capacity at our Belfast, Birmingham, and Chennai offices. Remittance operations are all up and running in Belfast and Chennai, but with the redundant facility in Watertown closed for the day there may be some small delay in remittance posting. Offices in New Jersey, Alpharetta, Austin, San Mateo, Birmingham, and Raleigh-Durham are open and supporting all our care providers on athenahealth and Epocrates. In short, we are rocking away!

Though the exact motives of this attack are still unclear, the point of this kind of terrorism is to generate enough widespread fear and panic that a society freezes up and stops functioning.

At athenahealth, we don’t allow that. We don’t flinch.

Together we are making our small contribution to that collective statement of our society.

It is the very openness and prosperity created by our freedom of motion and thought that is the real target. It is not the unfortunate victims who happen to be in the way of the blast that they are after; it is the millions who may be frozen by their actions. The goal of terrorism is to erode our confidence so we freeze up. They want to terrorize us. We of athenaNation are honored to be among those who get to send a message to the world that this tactic fails where we are concerned. Our Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said "I have never loved this city more. I have never loved this commonwealth more."

I agree and feel the same about our dear company.

Our thoughts and prayers go the victims of the terrorist attack, and to those who died and were injured during the manhunt. And as hard as it is to do so, let’s also spare some love for the sad, broken souls who thought this was a good idea.


Jonathan Bush is the President and CEO of athenahealth.

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