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OB/GYN specialists practice in both clinics and hospitals, so it is crucial to able to access up-to-date patient records whenever and wherever they need them. In this testimonial, see how athenaClinicals enables Women's Specialty Care's physicians to provide better care, and find out how athenahealth enables the practice to stay independent with its billing collections and data management services.


Hello. Hi, how are you? Good.

How are you?

I'm good.

I think OB/GYN is one of the best specialties.

So you've had all your first trimester screen done. All those results were great.

And the reason why is it has so much variety in it. And it's tremendously gratifying to me to see patients that no one else can take care of that we can take care of here.

OK. You can go ahead and lay back.

We see practices constantly being absorbed by larger health care systems.


Seems worth coming in, right?


As a client of athena, you're part of the largest network of physicians and health care systems on a single platform. We don't ever need, as an independent practice, to partner up with IT services with our local hospitals. We partner up with athena for that support.

She's several months into treatment.

Because of the shared process that athena provides to the practice-- with billing, collections, data management-- we've at least doubled or tripled in size in our practice over that time frame.

One of the challenges of having a busy OB/GYN practice is that our schedules are very unpredictable. We could be in the office, one of three offices. Or within five or 10 minutes, be needed in one of three hospitals.

athena is a perfect tool to help manage that, because from a scheduling point of view, we can instantly contact patients, move patients from one provider schedule to another. And then on the go, have access to the most up-to-date prenatal record wherever we are when we leave the office and go to the hospital.

All right. So who's next?

And because of athena, all of that information is readily available.

I love that I can bring up within a few seconds lab reports, ultrasound reports, operative reports, and have that all available within one click of my mouse.

She and I need to discuss would be, if she does become pregnant, her risks involved with becoming pregnant.

One of the most powerful features of athena are the mobile tools. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, on call, you have access in your pocket with your smartphone. The iPad is just as full or robust of an EMR as the desktop version.

We're constantly judged on patient satisfaction--



--both in a hospital setting and a clinic setting. And the portal, I think, contributes highly to patient satisfaction, because they have the ability to reach us day and night through the portal. They have the ability to manage their own care by having access to their labs, the summaries of their visits. It's a very high satisfaction piece for the patients.

In this day and age, with instantaneous data at our fingertips, with mobile devices and the internet, patients expect that in the short term.


athena allows you to keep your pulse on the two most important things in your practice-- the health of the practice financially, and the health of the patients.

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