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Over the past five years, athenahealth’s cloud-based revenue cycle management solution has been instrumental in providing Summit Medical Group with the scalability required to add 100 doctors per year, allowing them to approach $350 million in annual revenues.


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Over the past five years, Summit Medical Group has grown tremendously. We have put on approximately 100 doctors per year. The Athena product is extremely scalable. And since it is based in the cloud, we don't have to worry about all the infrastructure that needs to be provided for those individual practices that we bring on.

It's very fast to bring on a two or three practice group of physicians with very limited training. They're up and running and high- performing.

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Athena saves us dollars in areas where other groups are spending a lot of dollars. So we have a little bit of a competitive advantage, where we can take those precious resources, not deploy them in software, but deploy them in our growth strategy. And that means real estate. And that means physicians. Our revenues now are approaching $350 million. And we're approaching 20% growth. And we would not have been able to achieve that type of acceleration without having a scalable solution like a Athena's.

Athena has been instrumental in our ability to continue to grow, but yet still give that small private practice feel.

What I will call the secret sauce of the cloud-based solution is this very robust rules engine that is reading all of their clients' claims and insurance information, and edits. One thing that Athena provides is a set of dashboards that tells you at every stage where the claim is being processed, and who's responsible for it.

Prior, with the legacy system, we were probably between 42 and 45 days AR. And now with the Athena system, we are between 35 and 38 days in AR.

And the speed with which they pick up issues or improper claims processing has helped us collect more revenue over time, and collect it faster.

Charge entry leg has been in the fours.

Athena brings to the table these champions and these experts to help you navigate where there are areas that you should focus on in the product and in your workflow, so that you can improve the collections process.

We're really going to work towards a charge entry lag of 3.8 in the next two months. So how do we all work together to get that?

We individually review key metrics with her, and if there any action items that we need to bring in other Athena resources to the table, whether it might be a rules engine question. Or maybe the physician payer contracting question. She will be the connection, the link, between all those other important resources and content experts at Athena.

Staff come in and kind of do a presentation on areas that they really focused on.

We will be approximately 700 providers within three to four years. We will be in the five to seven counties surrounding our main site in Berkeley Heights. And I absolutely feel Athena is the product to get us to that place.

We know that with the leadership at Athena, and the strong employees that are in place and interface with us, we know it's going to be a great outcome for us, because we're going to get the most out of the product.

I feel wholeheartedly that Athena has delivered on our ability to be successful in the market. We wouldn't be able to grow at the rate that we have been growing without the Athena solution supporting us.

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