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Find out about how athenahealth's origins and lasting startup culture uniquely qualifies the company to help newly-formed practices thrive and remain independent.


Hey, y'all, I'm Leslie Brunner, Head of People and Process. athenahealth is a slightly different company than it was when there were only eight of us in 1998, but athenahealth still has the DNA of a startup. We know what it's like to strike out alone, prove you've got the stuff to stay independent, and then, most importantly, thrive. Pulling that off in today's health care landscape can feel like an impossible challenge unless you have a partner like athenahealth. I could go on about how we help practices thrive until we both fall asleep, but wouldn't it be better to hear if from the physicians we work with every day? 

I'm always looking for ways to stay independent, to have control over my destiny, to have control over what we can do for our patients, and we've been able to do that with the help of athena. 

I'm able to keep my private practice, I can focus on my patients, I can sleep well at night time knowing I have this strong partnership. 

My experience with athena, it's like bringing them on as a business partner. And if you're small, in today's world you need a smart business partner to navigate reimbursement rules and reimbursement arrangement. 

Our revenue realization rate today this is 99.7%. So without doing anything but joining athenahealth, we had a 30% increase in our cash flow. 

athena has removed the hassles of practicing medicine from my daily workflow so that I can focus on taking care of my patients. 

As a small independent practice, it's important for us to have the time to spend with our patient. That means we don't want to be bogged down with administrative tasks. All these administrative burdens are taken away from us with athena. 

With all the changes in health care today and all the new rules and regulations to health care reform, where other providers see roadblocks, athena has allowed us to seek opportunities to thrive. 

One of the great benefits of athenahealth is the army of people who are making sure that we meet the Meaningful Use criteria. 

Are you ready to review last month's performance budgets? 

A lot of practices have been working overtime, double time trying to create new ways to manage the Meaningful Use situation or the ICD-10. I mean, panic, really. We just sort of sit there and say, why are you so worried? Then we realize that of course we are taken care of. athena takes care of us. 

athenahealth has been my most valuable strategic partner. They have allowed me to practice independently, to navigate the waters of a very difficult competitive market. athenahealth has been the best decision that I've made since being a private practice. 

A lot of my physician colleagues have been asking me how I've been doing as an independent practitioner. The answer's pretty easy. I've been doing great. They say, well, are you surviving? I said, I'm not just surviving, I'm thriving. 

So those are just a few examples of how we help independent practices thrive. If you're starting a new practice and looking for a partner to help you succeed, explore our website or meet with us to learn more.

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