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The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group has improved patient engagement by leveraging the patient portal within athenaCommunicator, which provides easy online access, increasing efficiency, allows patients to be more accountable in their care process.


[MUSIC PLAYING] So let me start off here on your left side. Orthopedics, for me, is a passion. It's a labor of love. OK. I want to see your knee, too. I see about 40 patients per day on my clinical day. And we have to process encounters and patient visits very quickly.

We'll see what it shows. Hopefully, I get an update on how you're doing. My biggest day-to-day challenge when it comes to being an orthopedic surgeon is getting through my clinic on time, making sure that we're keeping patients happy. OK?


All right.

Thank you very much.

All right. You bet.

How are you?

Good. How are you?

I'm doing well. I'm Dr. Balldin.

I recognize you from your picture.


The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group has seven clinical locations. But aside from those clinical locations, our providers treat patients at several local hospitals across the city. The ability for our physicians to be able to connect in all of those places of service has been amazing with the tools that athena has made available to them.

Everything is centralized. I don't have to go to different systems to get my op reports, to get my reports from imaging, such as an MRI or ultrasound. All of my notes are in one location.

I'm able to share information, receive information from different locations, as well as send information to other practitioners or physicians, usually instantaneously.

History of [INAUDIBLE] illness.

If I dictate an encounter, they're able to see it as well.

This is a very pleasant 33-year-old female who returned to the results of an MRI scan performed on her left forefoot.

Because orthopedics is such a time-sensitive specialty, that's generally a very large concern for anybody who's looking an EMR-based product. It's allowed our providers to see more patients in the time slots that were available to them. Because everything is so readily apparent to them, staff members are not searching for information.

I want you to bring your foot up for me.

We spend more time with the patients. And as a result, I think they're much more satisfied with their overall experience.

The lifeblood of the Orthopaedic Group is revenues. And athena is crucial for that whole revenue process.

And we can look at the charge trend.

They helped us in making sure that our bills, our invoices, are sent out as cleanly and efficiently as possible. And timely. 10 years ago, our days in AR was averaging about 58 days. We're down to 36 days now. With an orthopedic practice that treats a lot of workers' compensation injuries, that's a remarkable days in AR.

So the athenaCommunicator product has enhanced the patient ability to pay us directly online. As a matter of fact, last year, our patient participation in paying their bills online increased by the tune of 35% over the year prior in actual dollars collected. The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group feels that our partnership with athena has allowed us to remain a very strong, viable, independent, privately owned practice.

We are able to take revenues and assign them and re-channel them back into our facilities. We feel that it is important to have these types of facilities so that when the patients walk through here, they're going to have a great patient experience.

All righty. I'll see y'all in two weeks.

All right. Thank you.

Thank you.

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