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My name is [INAUDIBLE], and I'm Senior Usability Researcher here at athena. 

And I guess we'd need to know what Mickey has to say based on what you had to say. 

I represent the user in research and development within the development team. 

Hi, guys. 

I've already scheduled one focus group for Web Portal, and I'm looking-- 

Within the R&D organization, UX plays an incredibly important role. They have probably the most direct exposure to clients and users, and they are oftentimes the most important and loudest voice of the customer. 

And then I want to know what's your environment while you're doing that. Are you using a phone? Are you doing it on a computer? 

I'm in a communicator space, and we deal with patient communications, any sort of communication from the client, which is the provider or the practice, that goes out to the patient, and that back and forth. And we also have a thing called a patient portal. 

This is the portal. We're trying to reorganize this whole navigation. 

We have online tools that patients use on a daily basis, either on their mobile devices or on their desktops for checking in, letting practice know who their insurance is, what mental conditions they have, anything that's changed. 

I'm getting ready to go to a client site this week, and we're going to be talking to patients. 

[INAUDIBLE] and I are going to Hudson, and we're going to do this in the wild with people who are-- 

People are sharing their stories with me, life altering stories, so I feel very connected to them in that way because they're trusting me with what they have to say and hoping I make it better. 

Go ahead and try to show me how you would get to this page. 

As one particular client said, you guys are really listening-- athena listens. It made me feel great. I was excited that day. I went back to my desk and I emailed my team and I was like, this is what we heard today. 

Thanks, guys. 

Just to let them know this praise wasn't just from me. It was from everybody. Hey, we're working in user experience. Guys, whatever we're doing, we're doing it right. I feel here at athena, they give you a lot of opportunity to say what you have to say and try to impact change. 

I think athena cares a lot about empowerment. It's a place where you can look at the work that you're doing on a daily basis and see the impact it's having on the ability for someone to deliver the right care, for patients to get the right care. 

It's a great team. The usability team at athena is awesome. It's really awesome.

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