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My name is Anita Gupta. I am a Product Innovation Manager at Athena Health, focused on the Epocrates brand, a medical reference app for physicians. I joined almost a year and a half ago, and so I've worked on core business, which is a lot of our drug and disease references. Day-to-day, jumping between several different work streams, so part of the day could be very strategic in nature. Thinking about what are the business goals for this product? Where do we want to take it? 

And what that means is the number of distinct-- 

And I've have also had the opportunity to work on some of our patient-facing products, one of our pilot projects this year. Apple announced that they're going to be launching Health Kit, which was their first program to essentially share health data. So we wanted to sort of play and try to be ready with a program when Health Kit launched. 

So we had mobile team here that worked on a patient-facing app, and we had the clinicals team working on the EHR. So we all came together for this big boot camp and kick-off to essentially, a very kind of rapid-design exercise. We did this in about 45 days. I was, as a PI, the lead on the mobile end of it. So we essentially launched Athena's first patient-facing app, which allowed patients with chronic conditions to select certain health data that they might be collecting on their phone through, for example, a Fitbit, and actually send that to get to their physician if their physician was on Athena Clinical. For the first time, their physician could actually see data between patient encounters and kind of monitor their patient's behavior throughout time. 

I've had a great time here for last year and a half. I get to work with very smart people every day, people who are very driven, really ambitious, and very mission-oriented, and I think that pushes us to think outside the box, work really hard, produce great services everyday. 

So I want to tell you a little about the Why You Do What You Do Initiative. 

Today we're going to have everyone write down why they do what they do. We're doing this exercise to visualize and help share with each other our motivations for being here. I am happy here. I really enjoy my job. I enjoy coming to work every day in the heart of San Franscisco. I feel like we're very plugged in to industry, and it's exciting to be kind of the center of all the action.

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